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Cultures and Traditions takes a look at how people interact with each other. This might be through sub-cultures, relationships, fads or religion and spirituality.

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8 of the Oldest Institutions

At age 77, astronaut John Glenn was the oldest person to travel into space. The oldest continuously operated tavern can be found in the city of Boston and the oldest city is in India. Learn about all 8 of the oldest categories featured on our list.

9 Bits of Irony

James Dean warned teens about the dangers of speeding the same year he died in a high-speed car crash. The Beatles were turned down by a record producer who claimed that groups with guitars were a fad. Read about this and all 9 bits of irony.

10 Famous Curses

Everybody has bad days, but fortune seems to have it in for some people. You decide: Are these 10 infamous cases of bad luck coincidences or curses?

53 Slang Terms by Decade

If you're a newbie to slang, just chill and dig it. Every new generation has its own slang that kids use without their parents understanding. Or read our list of 53 slang terms by decade, and you'll be talking like a hipster in no time.

14 Pangrams

Tired of 'the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog?' Pangrams are sentences that use every single letter of the alphabet at least once. Learn other sentences that use the entire alphabet when you read our list of 14 pangrams.

15 Terms Popularized by Walter Winchell

Walter Winchell not only dished the dirt on celebrities and politicians, he also coined some clever phrases. Winchell is considered the forefather of gossip columnists who had a tendency for making up words. Learn 15 terms coined by Walter Winchell.

48 Commonly Misspelled Words

If you're headed to the spelling bee, here's a list of words you should have down pat. These words are some of the most common words that people spell incorrectly. Learn 48 commonly misspelled words, only at HowStuffWorks.

17 Favorite Quotes on Creativity

You know genius is all inspiration and perspiration, but it's time to find out what creativity is really about. This list provides some of the most famous quotes that are about creativity and invention. Read 17 favorite quotes on creativity.

15 Oxymorons

Virtual reality. Jumbo shrimp. These phrases have meaning, even though the words contradict each other. These words, whose meanings contradict each other, are called oxymorons, and you may use some of them without thinking about it. See our list of 15 oxymorons for more.

27 American Terms and Their British Equivalents

What do the Brits call cotton candy? Cotton floss, of course. Even though they speak English, our British friends have very different ways of saying certain things. Find 27 American terms and their British equivalents in this handy list.

9 Political Slips of the Tongue

Much to our amusement, politicians sometimes get tongue-tied. See our list of 9 political slips of the tongue by presidents and other leaders, including slips by Ronald Reagan and Al Gore.

20 Memorable Epitaphs

People will remember a life well-lived, but a well-written epitaph will render that person unforgettable. Here are 20 of the wittiest and most memorable epitaphs ever written.

11 Items Sold by Ron Popeil

Ron Popeil has made a name for himself by selling unique and quirky items on TV such as the Veg-O-Matic. Popeil is an inventor who has made millions of dollars selling his products through infomercials. See our list of 11 items sold by Ron Popeil.

8 Funky Fads of the 1970s

The '70s saw some funky fads, like mood rings, disco balls, and roller skates. Explore the funkiest on this list of 8 funky fads of the 1970s.

10 Awesome Fads of the 1980s

"The question isn't 'What are we going to do?' The question is, 'What aren't we going to do?'" said Ferris in the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." And that quote pretty much sums up the fads of this decade.

5 Cyber-Chic Fads of the 2000s

Cyber fads such as MySpace and text messaging made large inroads in the 2000s. Learn about the hot cyber-chic fads of the 2000s.

38 Celebrity Siblings

For some people, entertainment is a family business. Check out our list of 38 famous groups of celebrity siblings, which includes last names such as Hilton, Marx, Affleck, Phoenix, and more.

10 Fantastic Fads of the 1990s

We like defining decades by their trends, fads and fashion. The '90s are a little hard to define, because the '80s were so easy to describe, but here are a few fantastic fads that are all '90s, all the way.

18 Hopelessly Devoted Couples

Behind every man is a great woman, or so the saying goes. Read our list of 18 famous hopelessly devoted couples, including John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Johnny Cash and June Carter, and more.

8 Groovy Fads of the 1960s

The 1960s were a groovy time, with fads like the lava lamp and go-go boots making their debut. Find out what the grooviest crazes of the 60s were.

Sept. 10 1953: Swanson Sells First TV dinner

Swanson TV dinners were developed in 1953 when families were watching shows such as "I Love Lucy". Read more about the history of Swanson TV dinners.

Sept. 9: Wonderful Weirdos Day

Wonderful Weirdos Day was created by citizens of Austin, Texas to celebrate personality quirks on September 9. Read more about Wonderful Weirdos Day.

How Speed Dating Works

Speed dating is based on shidduch, an old Jewish tradition of helping young, single Jews meet others in the faith. Today, this matchmaking tool has spread across the world and is tailored to suit a variety of interests. Learn about how speed dating works and if the rules of attraction still apply.

How Dogfighting Works

Dogfighting has been in the news recently because of the Michael Vick conviction. What exactly is dogfighting and who are the people involved in this cruel and horrific "sport?" Learn about dogfighting in this article.

How Geek Chic Works

Geek chic: Is it a style, a trend, a movement, a cultural shift or just a love affair with all things uncool? First off, what is a geek? If you're getting ready to argue about this definition, you might be one of them.