Culture & Traditions

Cultures and Traditions takes a look at how people interact with each other. This might be through sub-cultures, relationships, fads or religion and spirituality.

"Pistols at dawn!" The challenge is issued. To turn it down would leave you marked a coward for life. You meet at the chosen spot. You could be severely wounded or killed today. Why is all this happening? Because you made fun of his hat.

Father's Day is an officially sanctioned event in the United States, falling on the third Sunday in June each year. Find some great gift ideas to make dad feel special this year.

You hear about celebrities having an annulment instead of a divorce. Is one less binding than the other? And what does fraud have to do with annulment?

With all of the happily married people out there, there is an unfortunate percentage of people that are not so happy. Divorce rates have risen over the years as laws change to allow for easier breakups. Learn about the types of divorce in this article.

Reno is known as the divorce capital because of the "quickie divorce" a couple can get there. What is a quickie divorce and what does it have to do with Reno? Find out in this article.

Are divorces easier to get now than they used to be? What are the types of divorce, the procedures, and what's involved in the final divorce agreement? We'll explore mediation as an alternative to litigation and see what it takes to get a DIY divorce.

If you've ever been in love, you've probably at least considered classifying the feeling as an addiction. And guess what? You're right -- it's the same chemical process taking place.

Gone are the days when flirtation and romance were to be found in bars and grocery store produce aisles. Online dating is the much hipper -- and more common -- way to go these days.

Are you bored with the commercialism of the Christmas holidays? Do you find tinsel distracting? Is there a large aluminum pole collecting dust in your crawlspace? If you answered yes to all of the above then Festivus is for you! Learn about this fascinating holiday here.

Witchcraft dates back countless centuries, and with all of the mythology floating around, it's hard to decipher fact from fiction. Do witches worship Satan? Do they cast spells? Find out about witchcraft.

The Menorah is a symbol of the Hanukkah holiday. The candles are lit on each day of the holiday. Where did this tradition start and what do the candles represent? Find out the answer in this article.

For people of African descent living around the world, the holiday of Kwanzaa is a time to honor African traditions. This relatively new holiday lasts seven days, uses seven symbols and sets forth seven ideals. Learn all about Kwanzaa and how it is celebrated.

The legend of the samurai continues to permeate our culture, with countless movies and TV shows dedicated to the subject. How much of what we know about the samurai is truth, and how much is myth? Find out about the strict warrior code of the samurai, the honor system that shaped their lives, the weapons and armor they used and more.

Secretive and silent, the ninja strikes fear into the hearts of peasants and emperors alike. Today, the ninja has become a legendary, cult-like figure, showing up in computer games, children's cartoons and martial-arts action films.

Catholics around the world have welcomed Pope Francis. Besides providing spiritual leadership to millions worldwide, the pope has many other duties. Learn about the rules of the Papacy.

The national American holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. falls on the third Monday in January. Learn about the life and work of this legendary civil rights activist.

Also known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah celebrates a very special triumph over religious persecution, when the Jews were able to escape oppression at the hands of Antiochus, a Syrian king.

In the religion of Islam, Ramadan is the holiest time of the year. For a month, Muslims fast during daylight hours to show their loyalty to and praise for Allah. Find out what Ramadan is all about.

Yom Kippur is one of two Jewish High Holidays. It marks the end of a 10-day period during which Jews seek forgiveness for their sins so they can make a fresh start. Find out all about Yom Kippur.

Rosh Hashanah is one of the most important holidays in the Jewish religion. You may know all about it, or you may know only that it has something to do with apples and honey. Learn all about Rosh Hashanah.

Like many human beliefs, the fear of Friday the 13th (known as paraskevidekatriaphobia) isn't exactly grounded in scientific logic. But that doesn't stop us from feeling that it's "unlucky."

When you hear the words "Cinco de Mayo," what comes to mind? Margaritas? Mariachi bands? There's more to the holiday than these displays of Mexican culture. Find out what Cinco de Mayo is all about.

Did you know that servers, guides, drivers, concierges and others who help us dine and travel sometimes aren't paid even minimum wage by their employers? They depend on customer gratuities. Want to know what to tip and when?

No computers? No electricity? This lifestyle might seem tough to most of us, but to the Amish, it's the norm. Read about the Amish culture, see pictures and learn how and why the Amish live as they do.

OK, so a good friend of mine was driving down the highway and he picked up this hitchhiker… Urban legends are the basis for some truly spooky ghost stories. See how the tales get started and how they make their way to you.