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Cultures and Traditions takes a look at how people interact with each other. This might be through sub-cultures, relationships, fads or religion and spirituality.

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How Braille Works

In spite of being so easy to overlook, Braille is amazing. Learn how Braille gives blind people an efficient method for communication and learning.

How Marriage Works

Marriage is about beginning a new life with a loved one, but it’s also a legal process that can present both challenges and opportunities. Learn about marriage laws, marriage licenses and your rights under the law.

How Voodoo Works

If asked to describe Voodoo, many people would mention pin-filled dolls, zombies animal sacrifices and spirit possessions. Explore the Voodoo religion and find out if the stereotypes about it are true.

How Spanglish Works

A hybrid of English and Spanish known as Spanglish can be heard in many predominantly Hispanic areas as well as on TV and in movies. Learn where it came from and how it works.

Rabbi Shmuley On Traditions

The traditions and customs of a family and a nation help theme define their identities. Learn about the importance of tradition.

Why do we say 'bless you' or 'gesundheit' when people sneeze?

Many of us offer a blessing when someone sneezes, and we don't even know why. Why does a sneeze get a "bless you" when a cough goes unanswered?"

How Men Work

A lot of women would be pleased to know the answer to this age-old question. Is it something in their biological makeup? Rooted in testosterone? We found out.

How Women Work

If you believe what you see on TV, women are conniving, hysterical and indecisive. So is gender clouded by perception, and does biology support or disprove stereotypes?

Christmas Songs

The Christmas songs you've been hearing your entire life came from medieval chants, church sermons, prayers and meditations. Get the lyrics, sheet music and histories of your favorite Christmas melodies.

Christmas Stories: 'A Christmas Carol'

Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Crachit, Tiny Tim -- everyone knows these names. Charles Dickens created an unforgettable world in 'A Christmas Carol.' Reacquaint yourself with one of the greatest Christmas stories ever written.

How to Carve a Pumpkin

Whether your taste runs spooky or silly, if you're willing to get your hands dirty, a pumpkin can be the perfect canvas to express your Halloween style. It's pretty simple, but the more you prepare, the better your results.

How Gossip Works

You've probably heard the story about Catherine the Great and the horse. Although this false piece of gossip is more than 200 years old, it's still being spread as fact. Learn about the different types of gossip and find out why gossip is so ubiquitous.

What is the true meaning of jihad?

A recently declassified U.S. government study says the Iraq war has become a uniting cause for "Muslim jihadists."

How to Throw a Halloween Party

Halloween is just around the corner, so start planning now to throw a "killer" Halloween party. We'll take the stress out of planning by showing you Halloween themes that are so fun ... it's scary.

How Kissing Works

When you really think about it, kissing is pretty gross -- it's rooted in saliva and mucous membranes. Yet anthropologists report that 90 percent of the people in the world kiss. So what's all the fuss about?

How LARP Works

If you've ever seen costumed people with weapons covered in duct tape, then you've made contact with LARPers. Part battle, part story-telling, the Live Action Role Playing trend began in the 1960s and is still growing thanks to the continued popularity of fantasy and science fiction.

How Conspiracy Theories Work

Conspiracy theories are often ridiculous explanations for a disputed case or matter. There are conspiracy theories about everything from aliens to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America. Find out how these theories get started in this article.

How Polygamy Works

Polygamy is in the air these days. On the HBO drama "Big Love," Bill Paxton plays a man with three wives. The Utah Supreme Court just upheld the state's polygamy ban, so polygamy isn't just on fictional TV, but are any of these portrayals accurate?

How Cults Work

In this article, we'll separate fact from propaganda and learn what a cult actually is, see what practices characterize a destructive cult and investigate some of the more notable cult incidents in recent history.

How Animated Tattoos Work

Learn about the hardware behind animated tattoos, how they are implanted into the body and explore some of the safety issues associated with animated tattoos.

How Geisha Work

The best-selling novel "Memoirs of a Geisha" depicts life as a geisha in Japan in the World War II era. But it is a work of fiction. Find out who and what a geisha is and how they fit into Japanese culture.

How Swearing Works

In this article, we'll explore what makes words into swearwords, why most Americans use them and how society responds to swearing. We'll also look at one of its most fascinating aspects -- the way it affects your brain.

How Creationism Works

The public debate between Christian creationism and evolution has heated up once again in the United States. Learn about the different forms of Christian creationism and find out what's fueling the controversy.

How Intelligent Design Works

How does intelligent design explain the origins of life? Does it fit the criteria of a scientific theory, or is it religious dogma in a scientific wrapper? In this article, we'll examine intelligent design and the controversy it has generated.

How Duels Work

"Pistols at dawn!" The challenge is issued. To turn it down would leave you marked a coward for life. You meet at the chosen spot. You could be severely wounded or killed today. Why is all this happening? Because you made fun of his hat.