5 Things Your Man Won't Tell You About Valentine's Day

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It's not that your beau doesn't like Valentines Day -- it's just that his idea of a perfect Feb. 14 and yours aren't the same. We'll put it this way: He's not pining for diamonds or even a box of candy.

Men have other issues on their minds, and regardless if those thoughts revolve around sports, money or, well, something else, chances are the two of you are focusing on different things as Valentine's Day approaches.

But don't drown your sorrows in chocolate or start tossing candy hearts in frustration just yet! We're here to dish about his real feelings on the most romantic day of the year. You're already in his heart, so we'll give you a glimpse into his mind. We'll tell you what he really thinks about love and lingerie. Just be prepared for disappointment. He's not nearly as romantic as you are.

They're pretty and smell nice, but it's not all roses when it comes to your man and flowers. Find out the redolent reality on the next page.