Television and Culture

Television and culture have each affected the other in major ways. From epic historical moments to hilarious TV catch phrases, television and culture influence each other daily. In this section we'll examine the relationship between television and culture.


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How One Woman Unexpectedly Became the Voice of Siri

Atlanta's Susan Bennett never knew she was primed to become one of the world's most famous voices until Siri first debuted on American iPhones in 2011.

There's a Healthier Way to Consume Your Media

Are you over-ingesting on media? Perhaps an overhaul of your "media diet" is in order.

We Love What John Oliver Just Said About Science

The 'Last Week Tonight' host took an enthusiastic media to task on his HBO show for oversimplifying good science and turning a blind eye to bad studies.

It Turns Out 'Screen Time' Isn't That Bad for Kids

The American Academy of Pediatrics exchanges its 'turn it off' stance for a more nuanced approach.

How are drones changing media coverage?

Modern media embrace the flying machines. But is that good for our society?

How Star Wars Works: Convention Consumables

Every con has vendors, but Star Wars Celebration offers some of the most drool-worthy art, accessories and armor in the galaxy. Check out art by Cat Staggs, armor by Anovos and unique jewelry by Norse Legion.

How Star Wars Works: Fans in Costume

What would a Star Wars convention be without costumes? Fans from all over the world share their fantastic handmade creations with us, including a handmaiden, a wookiee and the latest Star Wars villain.

How Star Wars Works: 5 Questions for Star Wars Fans

Every Star Wars fan has favorite things they love about the galaxy far, far away. We conducted an informal poll at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim to find out what planets, tech and characters from the Star Wars universe are the most popular.

How Star Wars Works: Fandom and Charity

Star Wars: Force for Change and Unicef Kid Power teamed up at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim to show kids (and kids at heart) that they have the power to create meaningful change in the world while having fun.

How Star Wars Works: The Art of Rancho Obi-Wan featuring Steve Sansweet

Steve Sansweet gave our crew a guided tour of the amazing displays he brought to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. From paintings to plushies, the Rancho Obi-Wan booth was stuffed with original creations.

How Star Wars Works: The Props and Costumes of The Force Awakens

Join Holly Frey from HowStuffWorks as she gets an early look at the beautiful props and costumes from the up coming Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And make sure to check out all of our coverage from Star Wars Celebration 2015.

What is binge watching?

We've all done it. You planned to watch just one episode of your favorite show but ended up burning through four or five in a single setting. Ever wonder why binge watching is so addictive?

Do TV shows and book deals encourage criminal behavior?

Since 2006, there's been an enormous increase in mass murders and many experts think this may be because of the publicity these criminals receive on TV and the Internet. Could the wide coverage inspire copycat behavior?

10 Completely Unrealistic Moments in Television ERs

Emergency rooms on TV are fraught with drama and tension. While nonfictional ERs have their share of stressful moments, a lot of the work they do is misrepresented when it's transferred to the entertainment sphere.

10 Common Sayings You're Probably Saying Wrong

Maybe you could care less about grammar. After all, it's a doggy-dog world, and you're OK as long as people know what you mean, right?

10 Ways TV Has Changed American Culture

Does TV shape culture or reflect it? Since TVs became commonplace in American homes in the 1950s, pundits have debated their positive and negative effects. We'll examine some of the changes.

10 TV Moments That Changed the World

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that TV is one of the most powerful forms of mass media in the Western world. But what are some of the most famous, world-changing TV moments?

How has the evolution of TV changed America?

From flat-screen HDTVs to small, flip-open screens, TV viewing has become part of everyday life, far removed from the luxurious event of watching black-and-white TV in its earliest days. How has this evolution changed America?

How are cell phones changing TV?

Since the advent of smartphones, you can check your e-mail, catch up on Facebook, browse the Internet and even watch videos, all on the go. Naturally, cell phones have already affected our viewing habits and changed the TV industry. But how?

5 Technologies That Customize TV Viewing

The golden age of television may be gone, but the delightful age of customization is here to stay. Here are five technologies that will let you whatever TV you want exactly when you want it. Now that sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

10 TV Technologies Making Movie Theaters Obsolete

Home theater technology is offering better and better picture and sound at lower and lower prices. When will the home viewing experience supplant theaters entirely?

How have 24-hour sports stations changed society?

Since the launch of ESPN in 1979, 24-hour sports stations have grown into a multibillion dollar industry, with even extremely niche-focused sports networks pulling in millions in revenue. How has this had an impact on society?

Are DVR viewings factored into TV ratings?

Since DVRs have gained popularity, TV networks have had to adapt to the time-shifting, commercial-skipping technology. DVRs allow viewers to schedule recordings and watch programs whenever they like. But are these viewings factored into ratings?

What are the effects of DVR on advertising?

You laugh, but a whole generation of mad men once trembled at the thought of VCRS and, more important, the total destruction they stood to wreak on ad sales. It didn't happen though. Is it the same story with digital video recording?

How did the advent of television impact politics?

It's impossible to say for certain whether TV has been good or bad for American politics. But the introduction of the television definitely changed the political landscape in the United States, from the election of the president to the city council.