Culture & Traditions

Cultures and Traditions takes a look at how people interact with each other. This might be through sub-cultures, relationships, fads or religion and spirituality.

Yep, we're talking about folks acting out real equestrian rides on their not-so-real steeds.

Did ancient humans eat neighbors for nutrition? One archaeologist calculated just how much energy different human body parts contain.

Rumors abound about Satanism. Its adherents are often portrayed as evil, bloodthirsty deviants in popular culture. But that's a mischaracterization of the philosophy of Satanists.

Known as a peruke, the formal wig has been a tradition for centuries. But why did barristers start wearing wigs? And why does it persist into modernity?

There's a term for a vanishing letter like that in spoken American English's Wednesday. But first, some history about ancient gods.

Dating isn't always easy. Fortunately, we've got apps that make finding partners with peculiar interests a breeze.

Forget worms and chum. The next time you go fishing, go fly a kite.

Speaking a country's native language counts for a lot — even more than birthplace — when it comes to national identity, according to a new Pew survey.

Binge-watch, photobomb, Seussian and safe space: Got it! But santoku and bokeh? Pareidolia and snollygoster?

"Flower's For Sale!" "Happy Birthday from the Smith's!" Why do we commit these apostrophe abuses, and how can we stop them?

Researchers set out to determine whether times of economic hardship made parents feel the need to fit in or stand out.

Don't ever assume something will last forever. A lot of folks once thought these 10 things would never become obsolete.

Turning 20 means Japanese youth gain the responsibilities and rights of adulthood, including voting and drinking alcohol. How do they mark the occasion?

Forget caroling, feasting and having any sort of fun at all on "Foolstide," the catchy but hateful nickname some Puritans gave Christmas in the New World.

Whether it's the Nativity display in the public square, the store clerk who says "Happy Holidays" or the tacky holiday sweater, there's something to offend everyone in the season of goodwill.

Writer Robert Lamb wonders if the unblinking, judging eye of elfin surveillance is such a great idea.

Get your ugly holiday sweater fill in one go with these nine horrid knits.

Experts and parents are divided on whether to encourage children's belief in Santa Claus.

Silent meditation retreats abound. What’s it really like to keep quiet for so long?

The uniquely American church-sponsored scarefests aim to present a frightening vision of a life without their brand of religious salvation.

For centuries, ghosts have wed in China. Why did the practice start, and how is it possible that it's still around today?

Haunted houses have an arsenal of scare tactics they deploy depending on who darkens their doors.

In 2016 the princess has been dethroned as the top choice for children dressing up on the sweet and spooky holiday. Which costumes top the list for people of all ages?

Can a Halloween attraction be sued for being too scary? It's already happened. When else did attractions get out of control — at least for some visitors?

Never mind the generation gap: Here is what’s really going on in the workplace.