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Cultures and Traditions takes a look at how people interact with each other. This might be through sub-cultures, relationships, fads or religion and spirituality.

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The Bauhaus Movement Turns 100

Founded by Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus is considered one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century.

Why Is April 1 a Day to Celebrate Foolishness?

Why is April 1 a day to celebrate foolishness and play pranks on each other? How did this tradition begin?

10 Big Questions About Buddhism, Answered

What's the point of meditation? Are all Buddhists vegetarians and pacifists? What do we misunderstand about Karma? Find out more about Buddhism in our article.

Gibtown: Where Circus Folk Went to Retire

Lobster Boy, Monkey Girl, Emmitt the Alligator-Skinned Man – they all called Gibtown home.

What International Women's Day Is Really All About

March 8th, International Women's Day, has been celebrated around the world for more than a century. So, what are we actually celebrating?

What Is Lent, and Why Do Christians Give Up Something for It?

Christians often "give up something for Lent" but why? What is the real reason behind the season?

5 Famous People With Seriously Long Names

If you think celebrity kid names like Apple and North West are odd, at least they're easy to remember. These five famous people have names so long, you couldn't recall them if you had to.

How Mardi Gras Works

Mardi Gras turns New Orleans into a hotbed of fun and reveling. This might make the festival's religious ties rather hard to imagine. So did how Mardi Gras get started?

Weiberfastnacht: The Day German Women Stormed the Ramparts

This historic holiday celebrates the day in 1824 when women decided they simply wouldn't take it anymore.

What Does It Really Mean to Have an 'Existential Crisis'?

An existential crisis is different from anxiety over a really difficult decision or even a case of major depression. It's having the thing that gives your life meaning and structure completely shattered.

Billions Celebrate Lantern Festival Across China

The annual festival of lights signifies the end of Chinese New Year and the beginning of spring.

Forget Thanksgiving! Lunar New Year Sees World's Largest Annual Migration

This mass migration totally dwarfs Thanksgiving travel in the United States.

Get Out the Haggis, It's Burns Night!

This beloved holiday celebrates the poet Robert Burns and is full of whisky, readings and fat juicy haggis.

10 People With Incredibly Bad Luck

Some people were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Others were in the right place, but left at the wrong time. And a few just had bad luck thrust upon them.

Chindogu: The Art of Un-useless Inventions

You know what's totally useless? A pair of umbrellas shoes. But they're so fun you know you want them anyway. Welcome to chindogu.

The Cozy Icelandic Christmas Tradition You'll Want to Steal

On Christmas Eve, Icelandic families traditionally settle down to a cozy night of exchanging gifts of books and reading. It's all part of jólabókaflóð or the Christmas Book Flood.

Santa Claus' 'Workshop Budget' Will Blow Your Mind

We tallied up how much dough it costs the big guy to give every kid in the world toys. And it's way more than we expected.

How Santa's Sleigh Works

Our theory on St. Nick's sweet ride: It's rustic on the outside and state-of-the-art on the inside. Learn more about the advanced technology we think runs Santa's sleigh (and those reindeer).

Do You Have to Open Gifts In Front of Guests?

Over the holidays, lots of gift-giving will be going on. But some people get anxious about opening a gift in front of the giver in case they don't like it and can't fake enough enthusiasm.

Why 'Poop' and 'Wiggle' Are Funny Words, According to Science

That old comedian's advice that the "k" sound is always good for a laugh has been proven true, too.

Don't Buy a Christmas Tree! Rent One Instead

Yes, you read that right. There are several options for renting Christmas trees. They're more eco-friendly and way more convenient.

Funerals Have Changed Since the 1960s. Here's How

A tombstone that features the deceased hobbies? Sure. A personalized playlist playing during the celebration of life? Check. Yep, the business of death isn't quite so gloomy anymore.

The Netherlands' Controversial Blackface Christmas Tradition

In the Netherlands, children get gifts from St. Nicholas, who's accompanied by his servant Zwarte Pieten (Black Pete), always wearing blackface. Lately some Dutch have been decrying him as racist while others claim it's just part of the culture.

A Shrewdness of Apes? Collective Nouns Are a 500-Year-Old Language Fad

Groups of animals sure have some funny names. You can thank the Book of St. Albans for that.