Human Subcultures

Subcultures are a variety of cultures and sub-groups that become part of society. Learn more about sub-cultures like Geisha, the Amish, Freegans or the Mafia.

New Research Center Seeks to Separate Ninja Fact From Fiction

The myth of the ninja has intrigued the world for centuries. A new Japanese research center is out to solve it.

Heavy Metal Berserkers Install Beer Pipeline to Supply Music Festival

How do you keep 75,000 metalheads sufficiently beered? A pipeline, naturally.

There's More to Cannibalism Than Just People Eating People

Cannibalism? Anthropophagy, if you prefer? There's more nuance when it comes to consumption of human flesh than you might imagine.

How Feral Children Work

The life of a feral child isn't all swashbuckling Tarzan-and-Jane, but for some children, it's a better alternative than the lives they left behind.

Metalheads Survived the '80s, and They’re Doing Fine

Heavy metal music of the 1980s promoted sex, drugs, devils and doom — yet surviving middle-aged fans are actually happy and well-adjusted, with few regrets.

Exploring the World of Mail-order Marriages

While the headlines usually focus on tales of abuse and scams, the reality is more humdrum — and heartbreaking.

Geekdom Is on the Rise

FanBolt founder Emma Loggins and Farrago Comics co-founder Martin Fleischmann talk about what it means to be a geek.

Still Riding the Rails: Life as a Modern Hobo

Maybe you thought hobos disappeared along with the Great Depression. But some folks are still living the life — albeit only part-time and without a bindle on a stick.

Is Negativity Fashionable in Fandom?

You’ve likely heard plenty of “Star Wars” fans say they hate the prequels, but those films were huge box office successes. It it simply vogue to hate the thing you love?

How Deprogramming Works

Did the controversial practice of cult deprogramming do more harm than good? Find out.