Subcultures are a variety of cultures and sub-groups that become part of society. Learn more about sub-cultures like Geisha, the Amish, Freegans or the Mafia.

How the Amish Work

No computers? No electricity? This lifestyle might seem tough to most of us, but to the Amish, it's the norm. Read about the Amish culture, see pictures and learn how and why the Amish live as they do.

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  • 10 of the World’s Most Infamous Cults

    10 of the World’s Most Infamous Cults

    Maybe you've heard about drinking the Kool-Aid or listening to The Family Jams -- but what do you really know about some of the world's most infamous cults? See more »

  • 10 Standout Nerds of 2011

    10 Standout Nerds of 2011

    Sure, there was a time when being labeled "nerd" was the nadir of uncoolness. But things have changed, and in 2011, nerds ruled -- totally. Who made our list? See more »

  • Are decisions made in groups better than decisions made alone?

    Are decisions made in groups better than decisions made alone?

    Do you ever wonder whether your morning meeting was necessary? After all, why should it take six people to decide on a new coffee machine for the break room? Perhaps a pair could have handled this decision better than a group. See more »

  • Have thousands of children in China been named Olympics?

    Have thousands of children in China been named Olympics?

    Chinese parents on the hunt for creative baby names are turning to the Olympic Games for inspiration. Just don't try to name your new baby "@". See more »

  • How Aborigines Work

    How Aborigines Work

    Aborigines use stories called dreamings to keep a record of their history. But the recent history of the Aborigines is nothing like a dream. See more »

  • How Body Branding Works

    How Body Branding Works

    Branding may put you in mind of that steak commercial on TV where the beef is seared with a hot iron marked Grade A. And in truth, the process on humans is not that different. Yet people who have been branded say there is pleasure in the pain. See more »

  • How Bullfighting Works

    How Bullfighting Works

    Over its history, bullfighting has had more than its share of fans and detractors. Learn about the glitz, glory and gore of this often-misunderstood sport. See more »

  • How can you tell if you're mentally ill?

    How can you tell if you're mentally ill?

    We may think that mental illnesses are rare, or things that simply happen to other people. We may think that they'll be easy to spot. We might not be willing to consider that we could have a mental disorder ourselves. See more »

  • How Cannibalism Works

    How Cannibalism Works

    One piece of diet advice is not to snack until you're hungry enough to eat an apple. But what about consuming human flesh? Is cannibalism about hunger, power or desperation? And is it alive and well in our modern world? See more »

  • How Cults Work

    How Cults Work

    In this article, we'll separate fact from propaganda and learn what a cult actually is, see what practices characterize a destructive cult and investigate some of the more notable cult incidents in recent history. See more »

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