Television and Culture

Television and culture have each affected the other in major ways. From epic historical moments to hilarious TV catch phrases, television and culture influence each other daily. In this section we'll examine the relationship between television and culture.


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10 Real-life Crimes That Became Fictional TV Episodes

Some real-life crime stories are sensational enough to get their own fictional treatment on television. Ladies and gentlemen, the stories you are about to read are true -- and the names are, too.

Do courtroom dramas change people's understanding of the law?

Countless films and TV shows have used the courtroom to capitalize on the climactic moments and sensational elements of the justice system. But how accurate are those depictions of legal procedure?

10 Forensic Techniques Done Badly on TV

There is certainly no denying the appeal of forensic investigation TV shows. But there's also no denying these shows employ sloppy, even criminal, investigation techniques and often use tools and technology that would never fly in the real world.

Do crime dramas make better criminals?

TV shows like "CSI," "Bones" and "Law and Order" could all-but help criminals figure out better ways to pull off their misdeeds without getting caught. But does watching the show really make a criminal better at, well, being a criminal?

10 Completely Unrealistic TV Relationships

Some TV relationships are simply too good to be true. Whatever it is that makes many well-known TV relationships seem improbable, we can't help but tune in, week after week, rerun after rerun, especially when it involves any of these 10.

Has TV changed people's relationship expectations?

Admit it: You tune in for the twists and turns of "Grey's Anatomy" and "The Bachelor(ette)" as though your own fate hangs in the balance. So has this obsession with TV affected our real-life relationships?

10 Ways to Make Your Home Theater More Like a Real Theater

Thanks to the steady march of technology and the advent of HD, home theaters are more affordable than ever. But how do you transform your media room into a home theater that captures the essence of the real thing?

Are big-screen TVs killing the film industry?

With theater-to-DVD turnarounds taking only a few months, and services like Netflix providing inexpensive ways to watch movies at home, the movie and theater industries have had to adapt to the rapid evolution of television technology that has put the movie-going model in danger. So could the TV eventually kill the movies?

10 Ways DVDs Have Changed the Film Industry

The invention of the DVD changed the media industry in ways that were unimaginable just a few decades earlier -- from the way media is produced and marketed to the way it generates revenue. What are some other effects of DVDs on the film industry?

Have DVDs changed the way people behave at the movies?

A conversation about going to the movies is likely to include complaints about ticket prices and distracting behavior. Has the convenience of DVDs and online streaming changed the way people act in the movie theater?

10 TV Moments That Changed the World

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that TV is one of the most powerful forms of mass media in the Western world. But what are some of the most famous, world-changing TV moments?

How has the evolution of TV changed America?

From flat-screen HDTVs to small, flip-open screens, TV viewing has become part of everyday life, far removed from the luxurious event of watching black-and-white TV in its earliest days. How has this evolution changed America?