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How Swearing Works

In this article, we'll explore what makes words into swearwords, why most Americans use them and how society responds to swearing. We'll also look at one of its most fascinating aspects -- the way it affects your brain.

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  • 10 Completely Wrong Ways to Use Commas
    10 Completely Wrong Ways to Use Commas

    Commas are notoriously tricky punctuation marks, and with good reason. So how can you know if you're using them correctly? It comes down to one question: Is it essential? See more »

  • 10 Cover-ups That Just Made Things Worse
    10 Cover-ups That Just Made Things Worse

    G. Gordon Liddy once observed that the trouble with conspiracies is people can't keep their mouths shut. He should know: He was part of one of the most notorious cover-ups in history. Which was it and what were the other nine? See more »

  • Does proper spelling really matter?
    Does proper spelling really matter?

    The teacher might still mark "becaws" and "of coarse" in your second-grader's spelling work, but in this age of speed and concision, is it still worth the time to learn proper spelling? See more »

  • Grammar Quiz: Do You Know Your Commas?
    Grammar Quiz: Do You Know Your Commas?

    Most of us think we know when to use commas and when to leave them out. We went to elementary school, after all. Still, many of us get it wrong from time to time ... do you? See more »

  • How a Concierge Works
    How a Concierge Works

    A concierge's work is more varied than ever as they take care of all the things most of us struggle to find time to do. Let this article change your mind about how you think the job of a concierge works. See more »

  • How Body Language Works
    How Body Language Works

    "You can't hide your lyin' eyes," cautioned the Eagles, and they're right. We like to think that words count, but do they communicate as clearly as body language? See more »

  • How Braille Works
    How Braille Works

    In spite of being so easy to overlook, Braille is amazing. Learn how Braille gives blind people an efficient method for communication and learning. See more »

  • How do culturally different people interpret nonverbal communication?
    How do culturally different people interpret nonverbal communication?

    Let's say that you're traveling to a country where you don't speak the language. You didn't have time to pick up a dictionary, so you'll have to get around using only hand gestures. The problem? Every hand gesture you do offends someone. What gives? See more »

  • How Gossip Works
    How Gossip Works

    You've probably heard the story about Catherine the Great and the horse. Although this false piece of gossip is more than 200 years old, it's still being spread as fact. Learn about the different types of gossip and find out why gossip is so ubiquitous. See more »

  • How Sarcasm Works
    How Sarcasm Works

    It's dreary outside, and you remark on the beautiful weather. An incompetent co-worker is promoted, and you say she'll do a great job. It's not Opposite Day -- it's sarcasm. See more »

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