National Traditions

The variety of national traditions across the planet is mind-boggling. Read about the unique traditions from around the world -- and in your own country.

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Greece has influenced civilization for thousands of years, helping to shape fields such as philosophy, mathematics, astronomy and architecture. Which Greek cultural traditions have stood the test of time?

By Jill Jaracz

Brazil is one of the largest nations on earth, and its numerous traditions are a composite of its diverse population.

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

Australian traditions are a quirky mix, from aboriginal cave paintings and atypical heroes to camel racing and Vegemite. What makes Australian culture tick? Find out in this article, mate.

By Kate Kershner


It's not all leprechauns, St. Patrick's Day and Guinness, but that's what might come to mind when you first think of Irish culture. What's the real story? Find out what makes Irish culture, well, so Irish in this article.

By Nathan Chandler

Because of its picturesque beaches and temperate tropical climate, the Dominican Republic is a well-known tourist destination. What do you know about its culture?

By Jane McGrath

As a nation, Colombia often gets a bad rap, but this South American stunner is bursting with traditional culture and natural beauty. Prepare to be dazzled by Colombia.

By Gerlinda Grimes

As one of the first European colonies in the New World, Puerto Rico has a rich and storied history. What are some of the country's notable traditions?

By Jane McGrath


If you normally mute commercials but spend Super Bowl Sunday analyzing every joke or camera angle, you know some American traditions can be kind of bizarre. What are 10 of the weirdest?

By Jessika Toothman

Ethiopia's numerous food, music, clothing and religious traditions are based on its richly diverse, ancient African roots.

By Chris Opfer

Venezuela's many traditions stem from its native customs blending with Spanish and African influences. Read on to learn about the country's traditional food, music and clothing.

By Melanie Radzicki McManus

The Mayans occupied what is now Guatemala thousands of years ago, but their traditions still influence the Guatemalan way of life. Find out how.

By Alison Kim Perry


Jamaica is known as "the biggest little country in the world" for good reason. This tiny island is globally renowned for its food and music, but what do Jamaicans themselves hold dear?

By Kathryn Whitbourne

Cuba is a country rich in culture and tradition, but it seems a little lost in time, too. Learn more about this fascinating place.

By Sara Elliott