Cultural Traditions

Cultural traditions include events, rituals and customs that a society shares. Read about the wide variety of cultural traditions in these articles.

Judaism is one of the world's oldest religions, so it's not surprising that its people have some of the most interesting and meaningful wedding traditions of any group. Learn what makes Jewish nuptials so unique in this article.

Coping with the loss of a friend or family member is difficult, no matter what your faith. All religions have funeral rites and traditions for dealing with death, and Islam is no different. What are some Muslim funeral traditions?

Traditions are strong and long-lasting in Christian households. Some of these you may know well, but others could surprise you.

Culinary gems like boiled peanuts, cheese grits and sweet tea rose out of the American South. What other greats can the South claim?

For Native Americans, music used not only for entertainment and sacred activities, but for educational purposes and the preservation of their various languages. Read on to learn about Native American music traditions.

When even a light breeze can threaten your carefully planned unity candle ceremony, something less finicky than fire might be the way to go. What are sand ceremonies, and what visual poignancy can they add to your wedding?

Steeped in legend and tradition, the Ethiopian coffee ceremony unites family and friends in conversation, community and a serious caffeine buzz. Learn how it works here.

A centuries-old wedding tradition, the jumping the broom ceremony is still performed in several cultures today. Learn its history and how it works.

A tea ceremony isn't your average tea party -- sorry, no scones or Mad Hatters here. Rather, a tea ceremony is a solemn, symbolic and profound affair.

Whether you're freezing cold in the middle of winter or just want to armchair travel to your favorite exotic beach, these tropical traditions can be incorporated into your home any time of year.

If you or your beloved need a little help in the gift-giving department, perhaps it's time to consult the traditional anniversary gift list!

Whether it's a birthstone ring that you got on your 10th birthday or a necklace set with each of your children's birthstones, you've probably seen or worn birthstone jewelry over the years. But where did birthstones originate?

A new baby is on the way, and there's no better way to celebrate and equip the new mom with essentials than to have a baby shower. What are some traditional games to play at the party?

Games are a typical part of wedding showers, and they actually serve a purpose. Check out these 10 traditional activities, and find out why we play them.

In Latin American cultures, the quinceañera not only marks a girl's 15th birthday -- it also symbolizes her maturity. What are some of the celebration's exciting traditions?

Kwanzaa is a festive occasion, tempered by meditation, discussion, reflection and camaraderie. Read on to learn about the seven-day holiday's history and traditions.

It's fair to say that in other places, in other times, weddings could be rather crazed affairs, and the garter toss served to make things a little less crazy. But how did this tradition come about?

If you don't live amid the soaring peaks of the Himalayas, you may not have heard of this unique human burial practice. So, how does sky burial work?

Quinceañeras celebrate Hispanic girls' transition to womanhood and official entrance into society. What makes them different from run-of-the-mill birthday parties?

Sometimes, there are things we do as part of a tradition without really considering where the practices may have started. What are some of the common traditions we take part in today that may have surprising origins?

Like anything in human history, many traditions have evolved from old ideas that we may see as a little strange today. How did some of our most common wedding traditions come about?