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Relationships are about how humans relate to one another. Learn more topics like love, marriage, genealogy, dating and divorce.

How effective is nonverbal communication?

Does waving your arms around while you talk affect how people perceive your words? Yes, it does. In fact, you may not need to "choose your words" at all.

5 Quirky (and Super Specific) Dating Apps

Dating isn't always easy. Fortunately, we've got apps that make finding partners with peculiar interests a breeze.

If You Love Your Phone So Much, Why Don't You Marry It?

Wait. Can you actually do that?

It's All Downhill After 25 in Terms of Friends, Study Finds

Yep, a new study is reporting that the maximum number of social connections you may ever have could be at the ripe old age of 25. After that, it's just you and Netflix.

These Four Couple Styles Can Predict Long-term Relationship Success

Is there a better way to predict the success of marriage? Researchers mapped how couples interact and make decisions about their long-term relationship goals.

Can You Get a 'Secret Divorce'?

A New York lawyer divorced his wife a few months after marriage without her knowing. They lived together a further 20 years. Don't try this at home.

Instagram Selfies Can Affect Romantic Relationships in Ways You Wouldn't Expect

It's kinda tricky, but when you combine positive body image with significant public selfie sharing, it can create a feedback loop with implications for relationships.

Who's Your 'Backup Plan'? Now There's an App to Seal the Deal

You may have jokingly told a friend you'll marry them if neither of you is attached at age 30 or 40. Now a new app will allow you to put it in a contract.

The Reason Why Divorces Should Jump Significantly in January

"Happy New Year! Now let's get divorced." The arrival of a new calendar year is expected to bring a jump in divorces, and one UK firm looked into the reasons why.

Why Women Love Gay BFFs

The special connection shared between hetero women and gay men is the stuff of friendship legend. But what's the actual reason that these BFFs are so good together?

The Year in Love, Relationships and Other Mushy Stuff

Here are some of the wildest apps, studies and best relationship news we came across in 2015.