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Folklore & Superstition

Folklore and Superstition covers the topics of good luck, bad luck and uncommon wisdom. Discover more about topics like conspiracy theories, urban legends or voodoo.

The Georgia Guidestones: A Monumental Mystery

The story behind the mysterious Georgia Guidestones has puzzled visitors for centuries since they were built. See more »

Not Enough Calories in Human Body to Fully Explain Cannibalism, Study Finds

Did ancient humans eat neighbors for nutrition? One archaeologist calculated just how much energy different human body parts contain. See more »

How Slender Man Works

This creepy Internet sensation might be just a 21st-century version of folklore, but did he really drive kids to kill? See more »

10 Folk Cures You Should Never Try

Comedian Chris Rock once joked that his father's prescription for any ailment was Robitussin. And his dad wasn't alone: Plenty of families swear by various folk remedies handed down through the generations. Problem is, they simply don't work. See more »

5 Superstitions With Oddly Rational Origins

The words "superstition" and "rationality" don't often make for very good bedfellows. But as these things go, every belief has to start somewhere, and sometimes a superstition's origins are shockingly sensible — albeit a little outdated. See more »

How accurate is Punxsutawney Phil?

Every year a bunch of guys in top hats pull a wriggling rodent out of a hole and allow him to predict the weather. And we all take this seriously. Is Phil the groundhog really accurate or is he secretly giggling at us? See more »

What are witch windows?

Driving through Vermont's scenic countryside, you might see an anomaly in the architecture odd enough to make you do a double take. What's the story behind those strangely angled windows? See more »

Why are horseshoes considered to be lucky?

Four-leaf clovers, rabbit's feet, heads-up pennies — all lucky charms for many people. Another common lucky charm? The horseshoe. See more »

Why are wishbones supposed to be lucky?

It's an iconic holiday ritual: two kids fighting over a wishbone. Each struggles to crack the bone and get the bigger piece, ensuring good luck. What's behind this rather odd piece of folklore? See more »

Where did the legend of Bloody Mary come from?

The "Bloody Mary" ritual, long popular on the sleepover circuit, supposedly causes a ghastly apparition to materialize in a darkened room. Where did this legend come from? Was there a real Bloody Mary? See more »