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What is citizen journalism?

Citizen journalism refers to the efforts of average citizens or amateur journalists to gather news and spread accurate information. The question that surrounds the practice, however, is defining what makes a professional journalist.

What is digital satellite news gathering?

Ever wonder how the 24-hour news cycle is possible? You can thank digital satellite news gathering for a large part of the constant flow of information.

What is electronic news gathering?

Do you remember the phrase "film at 11"? If you do, you were around before electronic news gathering made the world move a little faster.

How Super PACs Work

Sarah Palin has one, and comedian Stephen Colbert does too. But what exactly is a Super PAC, and how will they affect future elections?

10 Things You Didn't Know About the U.S. Constitution

Each September, Americans remember the document that Revolutionary War general and national assemblyman Marquis de Lafayette called "little short of a miracle." But what don't you know about the U.S. Constitution?

Top 10 Countries the U.S. Owes Money To

The United States spends a huge chunk of its national paycheck on debt obligations. Where is all that money going?

What is the DREAM Act?

As of 2008, about 612,000 undocumented youth in the U.S. had earned high school diplomas or GEDs. Could the DREAM Act clear the way for these students to continue on to college?

Was there a cover-up of the risk for respiratory illness at ground zero?

The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 were one of the most harrowing events in U.S. history. Did a governmental cover-up of the health risks at ground zero add insult to injury?

How the American Dream Works

It's safe to say most every American is familiar with the two magic words: "American dream." But what is this dream exactly? And how do you know if you're living it?

Gaddafi's Craziest Quotes

Muammar Gaddafi has ruled Libya for decades. You won't believe some of the more odd things he's said.

How a Filibuster Works

If you think filibusters have been in the news more recently than in the past, you'd be right. In the 1950s, there was less than one filibuster per Senate session. In 2007 and 2008, there were 139 actual or threatened filibusters. What accounts for the big increase?

What is the Revolving Door?

You always hear stories about politicians and government employees leaving their jobs to return to the private sector and vice versa, but did you know that the phenomenon actually has a name? It's known as the Revolving Door -- and some critics think it could damage the country irreparably.

Do children and teenagers have constitutional rights?

If you're a child in the United States, you can't legally vote, drive, hold public office or even see some movies without an adult with you. But that doesn't mean you don't have constitutional rights.

What is global democracy, and what are its major threats?

Democracy has become more globalized as nations worldwide abandon non-democratic forms of government and adopt democratic ones. As borders blur due to economic interests and governments consider partner nations' needs, a global democracy begins to emerge.

Is China taking over the world?

China is generally viewed as the next candidate for "superpower" distinction, but does that mean it will take over the world? What would that entail?

5 Ways that Seniors Benefit from the Affordable Care Act

Some of the most pervasive rumors during the debates over health care reform involved people over the age of 65. But as it turns out, many of the Affordable Care Act's provisions are something for seniors to be excited about.

What help do small businesses get when providing employee health insurance plans?

It's not always easy to be the small fish in a large pond. Consider the field of health insurance -- that's a big business, and it's made for other big businesses. What can a small business do to compete?

Will your employer continue to offer grandfathered health insurance coverage?

During the campaign for health care reform, President Obama said that those who liked their health plan would keep it, but critics say that it's become a broken campaign promise. How do so-called "grandfathered" health plans figure into the equation?

Will your electronic medical record be safe?

In today's world, many people think nothing of oversharing. But mention the current effort to digitize health records and even the most committed technophile may shudder. Is the fear warranted?

5 Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

Medical professionals in the United States have some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the world, but when it comes to keeping track of patients' medical histories, we still rely primarily on pen and paper. Why should we switch?

How is the U.S. implementing electronic medical records?

Schoolchildren in the United States are often threatened with an ominous-sounding "permanent record." When it comes to your health, though, that file would be a big help. What is the U.S. doing to make it happen?

Can a good government embrace both capitalism and socialism?

Governments around the world have long combined capitalism with socialism -- with varying results. What brought the two together in the first place?

Does democracy work?

The idea of a democracy, in which each citizen gets an equal vote to contribute to decision making, can sound tempting. But in practice, is democracy an efficient way to govern, or does it just equate to mob rule?

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Health Insurance

In tough economic times, you might be tempted to classify health insurance as a luxury -- and decide to get rid of the expense. But health insurance is one thing that should remain in your budget no matter how bad things get. How can you find the right plan?

How can you protect yourself from Medicare fraud?

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America -- the most famous superheroes are often depicted as young men or women. But the U.S. government needs you, senior citizens. You're being called up to the front lines in the battle against Medicare fraud.