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What help do small businesses get when providing employee health insurance plans?

It's not always easy to be the small fish in a large pond. Consider the field of health insurance -- that's a big business, and it's made for other big businesses. What can a small business do to compete?

Will your employer continue to offer grandfathered health insurance coverage?

During the campaign for health care reform, President Obama said that those who liked their health plan would keep it, but critics say that it's become a broken campaign promise. How do so-called "grandfathered" health plans figure into the equation?

Will your electronic medical record be safe?

In today's world, many people think nothing of oversharing. But mention the current effort to digitize health records and even the most committed technophile may shudder. Is the fear warranted?

5 Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

Medical professionals in the United States have some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the world, but when it comes to keeping track of patients' medical histories, we still rely primarily on pen and paper. Why should we switch?

How is the U.S. implementing electronic medical records?

Schoolchildren in the United States are often threatened with an ominous-sounding "permanent record." When it comes to your health, though, that file would be a big help. What is the U.S. doing to make it happen?

Can a good government embrace both capitalism and socialism?

Governments around the world have long combined capitalism with socialism -- with varying results. What brought the two together in the first place?

Does democracy work?

The idea of a democracy, in which each citizen gets an equal vote to contribute to decision making, can sound tempting. But in practice, is democracy an efficient way to govern, or does it just equate to mob rule?

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Health Insurance

In tough economic times, you might be tempted to classify health insurance as a luxury -- and decide to get rid of the expense. But health insurance is one thing that should remain in your budget no matter how bad things get. How can you find the right plan?

How can you protect yourself from Medicare fraud?

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America -- the most famous superheroes are often depicted as young men or women. But the U.S. government needs you, senior citizens. You're being called up to the front lines in the battle against Medicare fraud.

How do you shop for health insurance?

Shopping for shoes, books and private yachts is fun; shopping for health insurance is not. But don't despair. The good news is that it's getting much, much easier -- and putting in the work of buying insurance is far preferable to dealing with sky-high medical bills.

What do the new rules about preventive services in the health care reform legislation mean for you?

An ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure, but Americans seem to forget that when it comes to health care. Most of us just wait to see the doctor when we're already sick. Could changes to preventive services coverage convince more of us to go?

What is

When you make a large purchase, such as a car, you do a little comparison shopping, looking at different features and prices until you find the perfect fit. You can't do that with the health insurance market. At least, not until now.

Who should get tested for HIV?

On June 27 of each year, local, state and national organizations observe National HIV Testing Day: a day to promote HIV testing and dispel the stigma surrounding HIV. Who should take the opportunity to get tested this year?

How are young adults benefiting from U.S. health care reform?

Spring is graduation season, a time for flinging mortarboards to the sky and framing those hard-earned diplomas. But it's also a time for young people to goodbye to their parents' health insurance. Until now, that is.

How U.S. Health Care Reform Works

U.S. health care reform didn't happen without a firestorm of controversy. With all the hubbub surrounding the bill, the actual contents of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are still a mystery to many -- maybe even you.

How State Governors Work

Each state has its own head of the executive branch of government -- the state governor. But what does a state governor actually do, and how does he or she shape the lives of citizens within his or her state?

What does a lieutenant governor do?

If the governor passes away or resigns, the lieutenant governor takes over the position. But outside acting as a stand-in for such an event, what does the lieutenant governor do?

How an Attorney General Works

The attorney general of United States is our country's legal counsel. He or she advises the president and the heads of executive departments. What else does this person do?

How the Secretary of State Works

People know who the U.S. secretary of state is and probably something about what he or she does. But did you know states have them, too? How is their role in local government different?

What does a state comptroller do?

Despite some confusion about its spelling, the required duties of a state comptroller are quite clear: These money managers oversee state budgets, pay state employees, manage pensions and more.

What does a state treasurer do?

In the U.S., the state treasurer acts as the state's chief banker and money manager. Some treasurers, however, use the office as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

What does an auditor general do?

The U.S. government -- and every state in the Union -- takes in billions of dollars in tax money every year. When you have that kind of money coming in, it's easy to act recklessly. Luckily, auditors general track all these funds and make sure they're spent responsibly.

What does a county assessor do?

Would you like to know how much your house is worth? Do you want to make sure that new shed will add value to your home before you build it? County assessors help property owners in a given county determine its value -- and, in turn, the county's property tax rate.

What does a county clerk do?

If you've ever gotten married, had a child or really, ever been born, your vital records have made their way over to the county clerk's office. Could you work as a county clerk and maintain all that paperwork?

How a State's Attorney Works

You've probably seen countless legal series on television that depict large teams of attorneys representing the state. But who's the big shot in charge of those lawyers? The State's Attorney, that's who.