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How Gerrymandering Works

Gerrymandering the political trick of manipulating the size and shape of electoral districts, to give one party an advantage. It's always been a problem, but technology has taken it to new heights.

How Freedom of the Press Works

Freedom of the press is one of the most overused — and increasingly, misunderstood — phrases in modern society. We explore what it really means and what happens when the freedoms disappear.

Can FEMA's Disaster Relief Fund Ever Run Out of Money?

Two consecutive 2017 hurricanes nearly exhausted FEMA's Disaster Relief Fund before Congress replenished it. But will that always happen?

Do We Need Gender on Government IDs?

Some countries have started allowing people to choose an 'X' on their passports to indicate an unspecified sex. Many people argue that's not enough and gender classifications don't belong on government documents at all.

Masculinity Is Considered 'More American' Than Femininity, Study Suggests

Americans tend to equate American identity with stereotypically male traits, like ambition and independence. But why? And how does it affect women?

DACA: What Happens Now?

Trump rescinds DACA. What's next for the 800,000 dreamers?

Do People Who Protest in Public Have an Expectation of Online Privacy?

Some say that publishing someone's personal information online for the purpose of harassment is bad, even if that person spouts hate speech. Do you agree?

North Korea: Deciphering Fact from Fiction

Life in North Korea isn't easy — and it's also not easy to determine what information coming out of the Kim regime is fact and what's fiction.

When One American's 'News' Is Another's 'Propaganda'

Is the campaign to re-elect President Trump crossing the line with its new Facebook "News of the Week" report? Some think so.

Willy, Nilly, Silly Old Bear Banned in China

This time it's not honey that got Winnie the Pooh in trouble.

How Anarchism Works

Anarchism is often thought of as a synonym for chaos and violence, but the philosophy of anarchism is far more nuanced than that.

America's Past Presidents Had Some Really Weird Habits

Guess which president liked to skinny dip and which one liked petroleum jelly rubbed all over his head every morning.

Cracking the Code of the U.S. National Intelligence Agency

The U.S. National Security Agency has broad reaching powers. But are they all for good?

How Impeachment Works

The United States has impeached just two presidents so far, though other federal officers have had the dishonor. Find out how this constitutional mandate works in the U.S. and other countries.

Does a President Blocking Someone on Twitter Violate First Amendment Rights?

Political critics blocked on Twitter by President Donald Trump say that act infringes upon their Constitutionally protected speech.

Experts Say Trump's Proposed CDC Budget Cuts Threaten Public Health

The Trump administration has proposed cutting nearly one-fifth of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funding. Health professionals, and even Republicans in Congress, are cautioning against the cuts.

Do Paid Protesters Really Exist?

President Trump and Congressional Republicans have claimed that protesters who've shown up in force are being paid by their political opponents. Is there any evidence that's true?

How Congressional Investigations Work

Investigations have been a part of the U.S. Congress since 1790. Who decides on an investigation and how effective are they?

Is Fake News the Problem or Are We?

Fake news stories are incredibly profitable to produce, easy to believe and hard to recognize. So who's to blame for the influx of these stories? The creators or readers?

Corrupt Government Officials Are Once Again Americans' Biggest Fear

The survey also showed that more Americans believe the government is covering up information on alien encounters than believe aliens have visited Earth.

Trump Considers Removing National Monument Status ... But Can He?

President Trump says dozens of national monuments were named with an "egregious abuse of federal power." Check out a gallery of those his administration is reviewing.

Can Facebook Help People Oppose Government Corruption?

A new study finds correlations between public opposition to government corruption and access to social media, especially in the absence of a free press.

When Removing Confederate Statues Requires a Military Defense

More than 150 years after the U.S. Civil War ended, Confederate statues (and their removal) are still igniting passions in the South.

March for Science: Thousands Worldwide Rally on Earth Day

HowStuffWorks headed to Washington, D.C., for the massive march aiming to place science, evidence and facts above partisan politics.

Trump Wants Border Wall; Design Collective Wants Hyperloop

Dozens of private contractors submitted plans for a border wall between Mexico and the U.S. but one plan stood out as an alternative: a hyperloop and independent nation.