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Are there alternatives to the winner-take-all voting system? Ranked-choice voting is one, which supporters say would elect more centrist candidates. But critics worry about the downsides.

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Born Melanija Knavs in Yugoslavia, the former model is only the second foreign-born first lady of the United States.

The iconic American composer and conductor's "Concert for Peace" offered a direct alternative to the festivities of Richard Nixon's second swearing-in.

Donald Trump proposed stripping flag burners of citizenship. Regardless of the fact that flag-burning is legal, whether the United States can even do that is tricky.

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1968 is remembered in the U.S. for two assassinations, civil unrest and an unconventional presidential election. What lessons are there for us in 2016?

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And that's not all — voters who accept giveaways, be it a free cup of coffee or a discounted price, also are violating the law.

Voting for president on a Tuesday has been a U.S. tradition since the 1840s, but the timing makes it difficult for many people to exercise their right to vote.

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