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A new program will first provide the training, then connect people with jobs that some argue should stay in the U.S. Learn more about USAID to help corporations take jobs overseas.

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What does an auditor general do?

The U.S. government -- and every state in the Union -- takes in billions of dollars in tax money every year. When you have that kind of money coming in, it's easy to act recklessly. Luckily, auditors general track all these funds and make sure they're spent responsibly.

Vote Pink or Blue: The Gender of Politics Quiz

Campaign conversations in 2012 have revolved around reproductive rights, the gender wage gap and legal protections for women -- and why? Because women are a valuable voter demographic that statistically shows up to the polls in greater numbers than men. But does that mean that U.S. women vote differently from their male counterparts? Take the Gender of Politics Quiz and find out.

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