Agencies are various organizations or entities within the government. Learn more about agencies like the FBI, foster care, the Postal Service or Customs.

How does the FCC police obscenity?

The FCC is the government group that reacted to Janet Jackson's Super Bowl exposure and to indecency violations by Bubba the Love Sponge. Learn about the FCC's obscenity criteria.

Cracking the Code of the U.S. National Intelligence Agency

The U.S. National Security Agency has broad reaching powers. But are they all for good?

How Did the U.S. Look Before the EPA?

Are we ready to go back to a pre-EPA USA? Take a look at a series of pics from the National Archives to see what it was like before the agency was formed.

Getting the Mail to Your Home Is Way More Complex Than You Might Think

The longest mail route in America is nearly 200 miles. The shortest? Less than 1 mile.

USDA Deletes Animal Abuse Online Records

The USDA just wiped out thousands of online records documenting abuses at zoos, circuses, universities and research facilities, outraging animal rights activists.

Launch Nuclear Attack? Insert Disk Seven

The Department of Defense relies on nuclear force systems that are 53 years old. These critical systems were brand-new when President Kennedy was assassinated.

Librarian of Congress Is Way More Important Than You Think

President Obama nominated Carla D. Hayden for the position of Librarian of Congress this week. If confirmed, she could become one seriously powerful librarian.

Underwater Mailboxes Are Just the Latest in the World of Weird Postal Spots

You’ll need way more than a stamp to put a postcard in the mail in these inaccessible, underwater and just plain odd mailboxes.

How the FDA Works

While the FDA originated amid the Civil War, it took a 20th century novel about the horrors of meatpacking to convince the government to officially regulate what goes into our bodies. How does the FDA keep us safer these days?

How Numbers Stations Work

We may be living in the age of the Internet, but simple shortwave radio transmitters still play a part in the espionage game. The huge benefit: There's no trail.

Spy Pictures

Spying is an important part of government intelligence gathering. This collection of pictures gives you an insight into this highly secretive task.