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The Elections channel includes information on topics related to elections, voting or running for political office. Learn more about presidential debates, the electoral college or the voting system.

How Ranked-choice Voting Works

Are there alternatives to the winner-take-all voting system? Ranked-choice voting is one, which supporters say would elect more centrist candidates. But critics worry about the downsides. See more »

This Is How You Recount 3 Million Votes

As Wisconsin starts retabulating its presidential ballots, we wonder whether a hand count is really more accurate. See more »

How 'I Voted!' Stickers Increase U.S. Voter Turnout

Apparently, not just kids can be influenced by a sticker — it works for adults too. See more »

Conspiracy Theories About, Around and From Donald Trump

The latest episode of our Stuff They Don't Want You to Know podcast examines the fringe ideas around the 2016 Republican nominee. See more »

10 Bizarre Moments in Presidential Elections

Think the Trump/Clinton presidential campaign is the strangest? It'll seem par for the course when you see what crazy things have happened in previous elections. See more »

Before Brexit, Have Other Countries Left the EU?

Splits with the European Union have happened before, but that doesn't mean the U.K.'s Brexit will be easy, or even have much in common with past instances. See more »

10 Ways the U.S. Has Kept Citizens From Voting

Whether it's poll taxes, literacy tests, ID laws or limited polling hours, the U.S. has a long-running history of coming up with ways to restrict citizens' voting rights. See more »

Online Voting: It Could Be Easier, But Is It Better?

We buy airline tickets, transfer money and look for dates online. Why can't we vote? See more »

Could Search Rankings Rig the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election?

A controversial recent study argues that the order of Google search results could determine an election's outcome. Could that really happen? See more »

Why does the U.S. have an Electoral College?

It might seem undemocratic to have an Electoral College in the U.S., but the Founding Fathers had some concerns about government "by the people." See more »