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How Do Political Convention Speakers Get Chosen, and Who Decides What They Say?

Modern political conventions are tightly scripted affairs, though this year's GOP convention has broken with tradition. What's the strategy behind who gets to speak?

Nope, That Law Doesn't Apply: How Diplomatic Immunity Works

How did the idea of "don't kill the messenger" turn into a modern international standard?

Gun Violence Is Down, But Awareness of Police Violence Is Up

Overall gun violence in the U.S. has dropped, but our awareness of violence -- especially police violence -- is rising. Here are some key facts and factors to consider.

The Power of Police, Protesters and Cell Phone Video

Cell phone video has inspired millions of people to rally against issues of police brutality. It's a powerful tool for exposing injustices. And it's not going anywhere.

Why Internet Cat Videos Could Be a Dictator's Ultimate Pacification Tool

If you think the free flow of information inevitably spreads political freedom, guess again. People who seek online entertainment might prefer living under a dictator.

Does the U.S. President Have to Live in the White House?

After all, every president who could have lived there has, but is it mandatory?

How Video Games Can be Used in Political Persuasion

When Ian Bogost designed the first video game for a presidential candidate in 2003, he was sure games were about to become powerful political tools. But it didn’t happen.

What Would a Brexit Mean for the United States?

Experts are divided on what economic, political and security impacts a U.K.-EU breakup might have across the Atlantic.

What Happens if a Presidential Candidate Dies?

It's happened before, and it'll likely happen again. The tricky part, though, is when it happens.

Trump's Not the First to Push a Party Off a Cliff

Trump has predicted riots if he isn't nominated at the convention in July. It wouldn't be the first time that things got crazy at convention time.

10 Questions in the U.S. Health Care Cost Debate

Why does health care cost so much in the U.S.? And why, for all that money, isn't the population any healthier? These are just some of the big questions in the debate over health care costs.

Will Tobacco 21 Laws Kick Cigarettes' Butts for Good?

A wave of bills upping the smoking age to 21 are sweeping the U.S. Supporters say they'll help teens shun smoking. Others say it's an infringement on their rights.

How Republicans Could Still End Up With a Contested Convention This Year

Voting in a primary is a choice a political party makes for itself. Things could still end up being ultimately decided at the convention in July. Here's why.

From Prison to Peace Park, a Plan for Guantanamo

A conservation biologist and a law professor have a radical plan for the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. And their timing couldn’t be better.

How Easily Can an American Move to Canada?

Every U.S. election cycle, some people who don’t like the winners threaten to move to Canada But, how easy is it, really, for Americans to immigrate north of the border?

What Happens to Failed Presidential Candidates' Unspent Campaign Money?

Enormous sums of money are raised to fund candidates, most of whom don't make it past the primaries. What happens to the money after a candidate drops out or loses?

6 Civil Rights Struggles Going on Right Now

We often think of the civil rights movement as just part of the 1960s. On Martin Luther King Day, we explore some civil rights issues going on in the U.S. today.

Obama Is Ordering a Push for Smart Guns. So What Are They?

On Monday, the White House released new executive actions it's taking concerning gun violence, and smart guns are part of that push.

Presidents Say Crazy Stuff in Their Second Terms

Sometimes, the leader of the free world just has to "pop off."

Radicalization in Terror Recruiting: It's Not That Simple

After a terrorist attack occurs, talk immediately turns to radicalization. What if we're focusing on the wrong thing?

Why It's So Hard to Change Minds and Earn Votes

And if you try to change them too much, you might even witness the "backfire effect."

When It Comes to Choosing Politicians, Americans Are 'All About That Bass'

Study shows U.S. voters prefer the candidate with the deeper voice. What does that mean for female candidates?

What does 'bread and circuses' mean?

Ever felt a pang of guilt on, say, Election Day when you skip the voting booth to go to dinner and a movie? The concept of being pacified by food and entertainment -- and forgoing civic duty -- goes back to Roman times.

How Think Tanks Work

Thousands of think tanks dot the globe, and if you think they don't affect you, you're wrong. The scholars at these high-brow thought factories have a much bigger agenda than merely sitting around looking contemplative.

10 Rights the First Amendment Absolutely Does Not Grant

Thanks to the First Amendment, people in the U.S. can say whatever they want, wherever they want without fear of prosecution. Er ... not quite.