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The Political Issues Channel discusses hot topics and important political issues such as conventions, scandals and theories.

A social media study showed that most people share links without reading them first. We share some internet tricks to help you spot truth from fiction.

The FBI keeps files on all sorts of people. You can read those files once they're dead if you submit a Freedom of Information Act request. One guy's doing just that.

Once enacted by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966, the Freedom of Information Act provided citizens and journalists more access to government documents and material.

The university's Media Lab is accepting nominations for a new prize rewarding those who set a positive example by breaking social rules for the greater good.

Secret Service protection for a U.S. president and his family costs a bundle and is only mandatory for the commander-in-chief. Should the others decline it?

Scandalgate! The connotative suffix has been affixed to imbroglios aplenty. But has its overuse made us forget its original context?

The words we use can suggest transactional or participatory relationships. What's your role in a country? To consume, spend and buy? Or to participate, vote and engage?

A new report from the University of Buffalo debunks the myth that high immigrant populations are more likely to increase crime rates.

The first and only Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia in 1787. Why haven't there been others since?

Eight Republican members of Congress are pushing legislation to remove the U.S. from the United Nations. Is that even possible? Has it ever happened before?

After U.S. President Trump's crackdowns on immigration enforcement, federal support to these cities is on the chopping block.

You may be surprised at which states are feeding the most at the government trough.

A new U.S. president is under pressure to produce in those first 100 days in office. Why is that and does it really matter?

Born Melanija Knavs in Yugoslavia, the former model is only the second foreign-born first lady of the United States.

The iconic American composer and conductor's "Concert for Peace" offered a direct alternative to the festivities of Richard Nixon's second swearing-in.

Donald Trump proposed stripping flag burners of citizenship. Regardless of the fact that flag-burning is legal, whether the United States can even do that is tricky.

President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly having trouble finding celebrities to perform during his inauguration. But have stars usually been part of this event?

1968 is remembered in the U.S. for two assassinations, civil unrest and an unconventional presidential election. What lessons are there for us in 2016?

The intelligence community has been keeping the U.S. president up to date on world events since 1946 with the President's Daily Brief. Why would a president skip it?

The powers wielded by the U.S. president have waxed and waned over the years.

Managing court cases through more efficient software sounds like a great idea — until a software glitch leads to some people being wrongly arrested or jailed.

VPNs are a loophole for getting around internet censorship in countries like China. But how is that allowed?

The law actually says 'yes', but precedent says 'no.' Here's why.

Democracy requires citizen participation. But sometimes emailing and signing petitions can feel like shouting into a black hole. What's your best strategy to be heard?

Some folks in Cali want to break up with Uncle Sam. Is that even possible?