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Who Is In Charge of Policing Mask Mandates?

You've probably seen at least one video of someone berating a store employee about why they don't have to wear a mask. So how much can retail stores do to police the mask mandates?

What Does Defund the Police Actually Mean?

Amid the furor over George Floyd's death while in custody, there have been increasing calls to cities to divert funding away from police departments to other means of solving social problem. But how does that work?

Can the U.S. President Ever Declare Martial Law?

The U.S. has declared martial law in the past, but only sparingly and in dire situations. So, what would it take for the president to use it now?

Self-Quarantine Might Feel Like House Arrest, But It's Not

On the advice or orders of your elected leaders, you've been 'sheltering in place' and limiting outside activities. It's starting to feel like you're on house arrest, just without the ankle bracelet. But how similar is it really?

What Happens if Someone Is Murdered in Space?

As far as we know, it has never happened, but a murder in space would most definitely create numerous jurisdictional, legal and investigative complications.

5 Insane Driving Laws You Probably Didn't Know

Cursing during road rage? A ton of trash in your car? Both can get you in trouble if you're not careful. What other crazy driving laws are on the books?

Plain Language Replacing '10-Codes' in Many Police Jurisdictions

Police and fire departments across the U.S. are eliminating jargon like "10-4" in favor of every-day vernacular. And there's a good reason why.

Is It OK to Secretly Record Workplace Conversations?

Omarosa did it, but does that mean you can too — legally that is? A lot depends on which state you live in.

France Cracks Down on Catcalling

The new law is being hailed as a victory for women tired of being harassed on French streets.

Citizen's Arrest? Leave Collaring Criminals to the Cops

Ordinary citizens are allowed to make arrests in every U.S. state, but legal experts warn that it's a risky thing to do.

How Did 'Stand Your Ground' Laws Originate?

Stand Your Ground laws are controversial and exist in nearly half the states in the United States. But what exactly are they?

How Attorney-Client Privilege Works

In the United States, attorney-client privilege works to keep communications between an attorney and his or her client secret. But there are always exceptions to the rule.

Are Elderly Criminals Punished Differently Than Younger Offenders?

The conviction of 80-year-old Bill Cosby on aggravated indecent assault charges raises the question of how sentencing works in the case of an elderly defendant.

Does the U.S. Require Citizens to Carry ID?

The United States doesn't have a national ID, but it's slowly moving toward one with the REAL ID law. But what happens if a citizen doesn't have identification?

Does Checking In Mean You Check Your Privacy at the Door?

Hotels/motels must balance guests' privacy with the safety of other guests and employees.

5 Unexpected Ways to Lose Your Driver's License

Drowning in debt? Your driving privileges could disappear.

How the Logan Act Does and Doesn't Work

The Logan Act prohibits American citizens from going behind the back of the U.S. government to deal with foreign powers. So why hasn't anybody ever been convicted?

When Private Investigators Go Rogue

Private investigative firms like Black Cube, hired by Harvey Weinstein, use borderline illegal tactics to try to silence accusers.

This Is How Sexual Harassment Is Legally Defined in the U.S.

Reports of famous people being accused of sexually harassment have been all over news sites and social media. What does U.S. law actually say sexual harassment is?

Majority Want Legal Marijuana To Be the Norm

Ending federal pot prohibition could mean big changes and big bucks for states.

Look Alive, Cell Phone Zombies — Honolulu to Ban Texting While Crossing a Street

If the risk of being hit by a moving vehicle isn't enough to get your eyes off your phone, the threat of a fine may do the trick.

Who's in Charge of Investigating Deaths in Antarctica?

Antarctica belongs to no one nation. So what happens in the event of a crime?

10 Press Exposés That Made a Difference

While the press often gets a beating from the public and politicians, journalists have brought to national attention lots of issues that would otherwise remain hidden.

Do police really have speeding ticket quotas?

After you get a speeding ticket, you've probably mumbled (after the police officer left, of course) something about being stopped to satisfy a quota. Well, you're probably right. Lots of police departments have speeding ticket quotas.

Do police really write tickets to make money?

After you get a speeding ticket, you've probably mumbled (after the police officer left, of course) something about all this being some kind of racket. Well, you're probably right. Many police departments depend on traffic ticket revenue.