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Is it legal to sterilize addicts?

In the starkest terms, abuse and addiction cost money. It's expensive to treat and rehabilitate addicts, and it's costly to help the children affected. So, why have efforts to sterilize addicts come under fire?

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  • Can an MRI machine also act as a lie detector?

    Can an MRI machine also act as a lie detector?

    It's possible that an MRI lie detector could detect truthfulness more accurately than a polygraph machine. How would it work? See more »

  • How Bounty Hunting Works

    How Bounty Hunting Works

    Bounty hunting is a legitimate business and an integral part of the American justice system. Find out how bounty hunting works and follow bounty hunter Bob Burton on the search for a fugitive. See more »

  • How can police use drones?

    How can police use drones?

    Johnny Law has some new flying toys that could come in handy in the fight against crime. See more »

  • How Hostage Negotiation Works

    How Hostage Negotiation Works

    A hostage situation places innocent civilians directly in harm's way, and armed intervention places the hostages at even greater risk. Learn how a skilled negotiator uses psychology, instinct and deception to achieve a peaceful end. See more »

  • How Interpol Works

    How Interpol Works

    Interpol is an international police agency that tracks criminals across national borders. Lean about Interpol and find out how Interpol is organized. See more »

  • How Lie Detectors Work

    How Lie Detectors Work

    Think you're a good liar? A polygraph might disagree. By monitoring a few physiological signs, these machines know if you're being deceptive, even if you don't have a "tell." See more »

  • How Miranda Rights Work

    How Miranda Rights Work

    Any viewer of a TV cop show knows the Miranda rights. They include the rights to remain silent, to have an attorney and so on. Why are they called the Miranda rights, and why must U.S. police recite them to arrestees? See more »

  • How much do you know about famous riots?

    How much do you know about famous riots?

    Sure, you've never thrown a brick through a window or knocked over a car, but you just might be an expert on riots. That's because world history is full of these notable events, in which people turn their rage and angst about the world into violence. Find out how much you know about the details of some of the most famous riots of the past with this quiz. See more »

  • How Police Academies Work

    How Police Academies Work

    Standard training at your neighborhood police academy: Spritz each recruit in the face with pepper spray. Think you can take it? Maybe you're cut out for the force. See more »

  • How Police Body Cameras Work

    How Police Body Cameras Work

    The next time you interact with a police officer, you might be staring at the eye of a video camera. About a third of U.S. police departments (and more internationally) have issued body cameras to their patrol officers. Here's what you need to know. See more »

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