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  • Do police have ticket quotas?

    Do police really have speeding ticket quotas?

    After you get a speeding ticket, you've probably mumbled (after the police officer left, of course) something about being stopped to satisfy a quota. Well, you're probably right. Lots of police departments have speeding ticket quotas.

  • How TED Talks Work

    How TED Talks Work

    TED talks are so popular, they've been spoofed in commercials, with speakers sporting wireless headphones against a black background. At 18 minutes each, how did these talks go viral?

  • 13 Superstitions About Numbers

    13 Superstitions About Numbers

    What's your lucky number? Would it jinx you if you told us, or would it bring you good fortune? It's a funny thing, but whether for cultural, regional or religious reasons, we humans tend to put a lot of hope — and a little fear — into numbers.

  • Did French kissing start in France?

    Did French kissing start in France?

    Open-mouth kissing appears in the Kama Sutra circa the third century, so it's certainly nothing new. But who was the first to suggest touching tongues to express amour?

  • Do police have ticket quotas?
  • How TED Talks Work
  • 13 Superstitions About Numbers
  • Did French kissing start in France?
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