Everyone loves a good holiday, no matter whether you're commemorating a special occasion or just looking for a day out of the office. Read about important holidays in these articles.

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5 Early Shopping Tips to Beat the Holiday Rush

Avoid the holiday shopping rush with these tips for starting your shopping early -- preferably before Black Friday.

10 Surefire Holiday Gift Ideas

Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list with these sure-fire holiday gift ideas.

6 Holiday Eating Tips

It can be tempting to partake in the food orgy of the winter holidays, but try these six tips to help you have a healthy holiday season.

Holiday Survival Basics

These tips might help ease the tension, save money and help you stay sane this holiday season.

How to Start a Christmas Tradition

Time is a precious commodity around the holidays, but while you're making your lists and checking them twice, don't forget that you're doing more than shopping, decorating, wrapping and cooking. You're also helping make memories for your family.

Top 5 Traditional Stocking Stuffers

Much like a Christmas tree, a jolly Santa Claus and a sprig of mistletoe, the tradition of hanging up stockings signals to people across the country and around the world that the Christmas season has arrived. So, what's popular to stuff in them?

How to Write a Holiday Newsletter (That Won't Make Your Friends and Family Gag)

Time for family visits, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and that other holiday tradition -- receiving a glut of boring, boastful newsletters from distant friends, co-workers and long-lost family. So, make yours stand out from the pack.

Everything You Wanted to Know About the First Thanksgiving

On the first Thanksgiving, the pilgrims wore buckles, the Native Americans brought corn and everyone made merry until the sun went down. Right? That's not the most accurate portrayal of the historical event.

Why Do We Trick-or-Treat?

Why do children don ridiculous costumes and bang down doors demanding candy once a year? Let's take a look at the ancient Celtic clans of Britain.

Why do people carve Halloween pumpkins?

What do a man named Stingy Jack, the devil and a cross have to do with carving Halloween pumpkins? Everything, it turns out. This long-standing tradition is steeped in folklore and superstition.

Top 10 April Fools' Day Pranks

April 1 gives the sneakiest ones among us an excuse for some shenanigans. Out of ideas for this year's springtime skulduggery? HowStuffWorks has 10 gags to completely confuse someone's day.

5 Halloween Candy Alternatives

Halloween is known for its chocolate and sweets, but you can make it a little more health-conscious by swapping sugar-laden candy treats with our five candy alternatives.

5 Easy Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Whether you're carving, stenciling or painting your pumpkin, we've collected five easy ways to create out-of-this-world pumpkin designs.

10 Cool Ideas for Halloween Parties

Halloween is for tricks and treats... and partying! We have 10 cool party ideas for kids, teens and parents alike.

5 Halloween Costume Photo Op Ideas

Everyone plays 'dress up' at Halloween, which makes for some great photos. Try out these 5 suggestions for great costume photo opportunities.

5 Unforgettable Costume Ideas for Teens

These five ideas offer a sampling of the gore, humor and downright creativity that it takes to make a teen-perfect Halloween costume.

5 Creepy Costume Effects for Kids of All Ages

Crank up the Halloween scare factor or just spotlight someone's sillier side with these examples of creepy costume effects.

5 Ideas for Outdoor Halloween Decor on a Budget

We have five, frighteningly easy - and cheap - ideas to make your yard spooktacular.

5 Ideas for DIY Theme Halloween Parties

Why wait for party invites from friends and family when, with a little pre-planning, and a small budget, you can throw your own ghoulish shindig?

10 Fun Halloween Facts for Families

To get to the bottom of why black cats got a bad rap and where revelers can catch glimpse of a ghost, treat yourself to these 10 frighteningly fun Halloween facts.

5 Ways to Make Some Halloween Noise

We have five tricks to making Halloween noise that has you covered whether you're a digital music downloader or a do-it-yourselfer.

5 Budget Halloween Party Favor Ideas

Here are a few suggestions for keeping the Halloween party favors economical while keeping your guests happy.

5 Things You Should Know: Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

Prevent your family from hidden dangers and injuries such as falls and burns with these helpful hints.

5 Kids' Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

These five Halloween party invitation ideas that will tempt you to put down the pre-packaged pumpkin cards and up your ghoulish game.

5 Cool Ideas for Pumpkin Art

You don't need to be a pumpkin-carving Picasso to think outside the typical jack-o'-lantern box, you just need a little spark to get you going.