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Halloween Decorations

Halloween Mobile

This Halloween mobile spooks from above. It's more catching than a cobweb in the corner, and also includes no spiders (whew!).

Made from foam and ribbon, this Halloween mobile decoration is easy to construct.
Simply spooktacular!

What You'll Need

  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Foam sheet: 5x5 inches yellow; 3x6 inches orange; 3x7 inches white; 5x5 inches black
  • Paper punch
  • Fine-point opaque paint markers: brown, black
  • Thick craft glue
  • Wiggle eyes: eighteen 12mm; four 5mm
  • 58 inches black satin ribbon, 1/8 inch wide
  • Ruler
  • 1/4-inch black pom


  1. Using our Halloween mobile pattern, which you can download as a PDF, trace and cut the following shapes from foam: one moon in yellow; two pumpkins in orange; two skulls in white; and one bat, one cat head, and one set of cat paws in black. Use the paper punch to make holes in the foam shapes in the places indicated on the patterns.

    Use a paper punch to make holes to attach your Halloween shapes to the Halloween mobile you're creating.
    Punch precisely so your mobile
    components will hang straight.

  2. Decorate both sides of the pumpkins by drawing lines with the brown marker and faces with the black marker; let dry. Draw faces on both sides of the skulls with the black marker; let dry. Glue two 5mm eyes on both sides of the bat. Glue two 12mm eyes on both sides of the pumpkins and skulls.

    Glue eyes to the foam shapes to bring your Halloween mobile to life.
    Better to see you with, my Halloween pretty!

  3. Cut a 12-inch length of ribbon. Insert one end of the ribbon 11/2 inches into the single hole at the top of the moon. Tie a double knot in the ribbon to securely attach it to the moon. Trim the short end of the ribbon close to the knot. Position and glue the cat head on the back upper side of the moon. Position and glue the cat paws on the front of the moon, with the right paw covering the ribbon hanger. Glue the black pom nose on the cat head so that the nose slightly overlaps the edge of the moon, and glue two 12mm eyes to the cat head.

    Use ribbon to start stringing the parts of your Halloween mobile together.
    Glue the cat on carefully
    to hide your hanger holes.

  4. Cut the remaining ribbon into the following lengths, and use double knots to tie one end of each length to each foam shape and the other end to a hole at the bottom of the moon: a 6-inch length for one pumpkin; a 9-inch length for one skull; a 13-inch length for the bat; an 11-inch length for one pumpkin; and a 7-inch length for one skull. Trim the ends of each length of ribbon close to the knot.

    Cut ribbons to hang shapes from your Halloween mobile, then trim the ribbons on your finished Halloween decoration.
    Dangle these darlings at different lengths
    so they can all be easily seen.

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