Halloween Decorations

Haunted Garden Decorations

Decorate the party room like a haunted garden.
Decorate the party room
like a haunted garden.

Go beyond the garden gate to transform an ordinary room into a haunted garden. For this Halloween decoration, twist orange and green streamers in loose loops along the walls and ceiling or use camouflage netting. Use the same colors for tableware. Signs that say "Beware of Man-Eating Plants" and "Please Don't Feed the Wildflowers" won't keep kids off the lawn but will keep them giggling if you stick them in and around your houseplants.

Since man-eating plants are always bloodthirsty, keep watering cans at the ready and drip long, stringy licorice from the spouts into small white cups stenciled with the Red Cross logo.

Spread plants along high shelves and bookcases of the party room, and position a lively looking one as a centerpiece on the kitchen table. Place snack-size sealable plastic bags filled with cinnamon candy (to look like blood drops) at each setting. Attach plastic tubing (find it at a hardware or pet store) from the bags to the plant to look like IVs.

Scatter plastic bugs, spiders, and other garden pests around the table. It's only natural that gourds belong at this garden party, too. Pile a few by the door; you could even carve or paint gaping mouths on them. A fog machine adds chilling special effects.

Do you prefer more traditional fall decorations for your Halloween gathering? We've got you covered. Read on for do-it-yourself fall decor ideas.

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