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Halloween Decorations

Halloween Welcome Sign

Welcome ghosts and goblins, bogeymen, and witches with this hand-painted Halloween welcome sign plaque.

This handpainted Halloween welcome sign is a friendly sight for trick-or-treaters and a Halloween decoration you'll keep for years.
Come and get the candy!

What You'll Need
  • 8 x131/2-inch oval wood plaque
  • Fine sandpaper, #200
  • Tack cloth
  • Wood sealer
  • Paintbrushes: Foam or 1­-inch flat, small flat, 1/2-inch flat, 3/8-inch angle, 10/0 liner
  • Acrylic paints: ebony black, dove gray, pumpkin, snow white, flesh tone, raw sienna, avocado, burnt orange, light cinnamon, gooseberry pink
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic matte spray
  1. Sand wood with fine sandpaper and use tack cloth to remove dust. Apply wood sealer to outer edge of plaque with a foam or 1­-inch flat brush. Let dry. Paint outer edge with ebony black using small flat brush, and paint plaque with dove gray using 1/2-inch flat brush. Let dry. Download our handy Halloween welcome sign pattern as a PDF, and apply basic outlines of pattern (just shapes) to the plaque using tracing paper and pencil.

    After sanding your wooden plaque, use paints and a paintbrush to begin making the Halloween welcome sign.
    Fill in the large areas of color first.

  2. Using the small flat paintbrush, paint pumpkin costume and small pumpkin with pumpkin paint; the treat bag and ghost costume with snow white; the skin with flesh tone; the hair with raw sienna; the leaf and legs with avocado; and the pumpkin faces, ghost's eyes and shoes, child's eyes, and handles with ebony black.
  3. Apply detail pattern lines to the plaque. Float several shades for added definition with an angle brush: shade pumpkins with burnt orange; skin with light cinnamon; ghost, ghost's shoes, and treat bag with dove gray; leaf, legs, and floor with ebony black; and child's cheeks with gooseberry pink.

    Add details to the painted characters on your Halloween welcome sign to bring this Halloween decoration to life.
    With added details, the characters start to come alive.

  4. Using 10/0 liner brush, line hair with light cinnamon. Line shapes and bows with ebony black.

    After painting the characters on your Halloween welcome sign, add a message to this Halloween decoration.
    The tiniest of brushes helps make your trick-or-treaters pop!

  5. Apply pattern for words and line with ebony black. Apply letter dots with ebony black using the wooden end of paintbrush, redipping in paint for each dot. Finish and preserve your Halloween welcome sign by spraying with acrylic matte spray. After it's dry, hang it up in just the right place!

    Put the final touches on your Halloween welcome sign, and then this Halloween decoration is ready to go.
    The friendly message is the final touch. Now, stock up on candy!

Once you've welcomed them in, keep the decorations coming to hold their interest. Click to the next page to create a Halloween mobile that doubles as a fun conversation starter.

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