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Halloween Decorations

Rustic Halloween Decorations

Step back in time to the days before plastic pumpkins sat in the yard and real ones came pureed in a can. These Halloween decorations will take you back to basics and your guests back in time.

There's nothing artificial about displaying the fruit of fall's labor. Gourds, pumpkins, and apples make a beautiful display when stacked around the house. For a down-home look, set them on shelves, next to the front door, then roll in the wheelbarrow or small wagon and stack them inside.

Wood baskets and crates -- you can usually get them for free at your grocery store -- make great fruit and veggie showpieces, too. For that warm harvest gold glow, set out a few electric lanterns or dig out your electric candles from the Christmas decoration stash. Use pretty rust-colored ribbon to tie dried bunches of wheat or Indian corn around the room.

Create a beautiful hearth with fall decorations for this historical Halloween party.
Create a beautiful hearth
for this Halloween party.

While you're bringing the outside in, why not prop a scarecrow in the party room? Stuff an old shirt and overalls with newspaper, and knot a few bunches of raffia and let them dangle out of the sleeves and pant cuffs. Give a nod to the tale of Ichabod Crane and his Headless Horseman by leaving this scarecrow empty from the neck up.

Or, if your young crowd requires a noggin, tie an old dish towel over a balled up bunch of fabric -- rags or T-shirts will do -- and use a permanent marker to draw a cheerful scarecrow face. If you have enough raffia, tie it around small boxes to create hay bales.

Give the kitchen an old-world feel by draping an autumn-colored tablecloth or runner across the table, then spice up the color scheme with vibrant green, yellow, or orange napkins and dinnerware. Got a rustic salad bowl? Surround it with coffee cups and fill it with hot apple cider.

Make a beautiful centerpiece by trimming twigs so they are equal in length, then hot glue them to the sides of a clean aluminum soup can (with the label removed). When the glue is dry, tie raffia ribbon around it and set some dried flowers inside. Scatter leaf cutouts or dried leaves about the table and even on the floor. Simple paper chains made of orange, brown, and yellow construction paper complete the old-fashioned effect.

Looking for another theme for Halloween decor? Try a skull-and-crossbones pirate theme. On the next page, we'll float a bounty of pirate ideas by you.

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