Kids Halloween Costumes

With these easy instructions, create budget-conscious, no-sew kids' Halloween costumes for boys, girls, and even the family dog! Zing Images/Getty Images


If you've run out of Halloween costume ideas for kids, don't turn to a costume shop for pricey premade garb. Instead, get inspired with the inexpensive and original ideas that follow. Don't sew? Don't worry. With just a few dabs of glue and the slide of an iron, you can make your child tops on the trick-or-treat block or the hit of the Halloween party with these no-sew kids' Halloween costume masterpieces.

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Still not convinced? Check out the array of kids' Halloween costume options -- from spooky to space age to just plain silly -- we've compiled for you here.

Pretty as a Princess Costume

Transform a little girl into her favorite fairy tale princess with some felt and faux jewels.

Bo Peep and Her Sheep Costumes

Shepherd your kids into these easy-to-assemble ensembles and send them to trick-or-treat as a herd.  kids-halloween-costumes3.htm

Bag of Bones Costume

Nothing says Halloween like a spooky skeleton, and nothing says simple to make like this sweat suit-based costume.

Graveyard Ghost Costume

If bones don't qualify as ghoulish garb, what about no body at all? A white sheet, some cardboard, and paints can make any kid a ghostly presence.

Werewolf Costume

Bring out your kid's inner animal with this costume, which is faux-furry, ferocious, and fun.

Cell Phone Costume

Your kid can be a cultural phenomenon -- and handy communication device -- in this easy cardboard-box costume.

Messy Drawer Costume

A few household odds and ends, a cake box, and a flair for the disorganized are the keys to this getup guaranteed to garner laughs.

Pencil Costume

You'll have the sharpest of trick-or-treaters when you outfit your young scholar in this oversized pencil suit.

Clown Costume

Everyone loves a clown -- especially you when you see how easy it can be to create a floppy, festive costume.

Gypsy Costume

Twirling with her tambourine, your kid will love the gypsy life. Or you can catch the pirate craze with just a few tweaks to this no-sew costume.

Race Car Driver Costume

Send your kid to trick-or-treat in style -- and at record speed -- in a custom-built costume that includes a car!

Elephant Costume

He'll be sucking down peanuts and other Halloween treats in no time once disguised in this clever modified-sweat suit costume.

Owl Costume

Whether your kid is a bird-watcher, baseball fan, or budding scholar, she's bound to love this owl costume, which is easy to make and even more easily adapted into other birds.

Pig Costume

Everyone's favorite barnyard pal is also the hit of the Halloween party, and a pink sweat suit is nearly all you need.

Space Alien Costume

Take us to your candy! Whether you're outfitting one alien or a whole troop, you'll find this easy costume out of this world.

Astronaut and Space Dog Costumes

With a patient pooch, your kid can have a costume-coordinated sidekick for the evening, whether it's space travel or a Halloween party that lies ahead.

Angel and Devil Headbands

These easy headband costumes can be ready in 15 minutes flat -- or they can serve as a starting point for a more elaborate costume.

Bewitching Nails

With a few bottles of nail polish and a steady hand, you'll soon have Halloween spirit all the way down to your fingertips.

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