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Halloween Decorations

Halloween Wreath

In many homes, a wreath welcomes the holiday season, so why not start the door decorating a little sooner? This fun and easy-to-make Halloween wreath is essential to any home's Halloween decoration.

Make a plan grapevine wreath into a fun Halloween decoration with our easy instructions for a Halloween wreath.
Fun and festive, this Halloween wreath adds seasonal spirit to any door.

What You'll Need
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Cold-press watercolor paper, 300#
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Acrylic paint: snow white, dove gray, shading flesh, buttermilk, pumpkin, ebony black, mint julep, red iron oxide, cadmium yellow, light avocado
  • Paintbrushes: #2 flat, 3/8-inch angle, 10/0 liner
  • Acrylic matte-finish spray
  • Grapevine wreath, medium size
  • 3 yards ribbon, 3/4-inch wide
  • 24 inches ribbon, 1/8-inch wide
  1. Download the PDF of our Halloween wreath decoration pattern and transfer it to the watercolor paper. Use scissors to cut out the basic shape, then clean cut the corners and cut holes for ties with craft knife.
  2. Use flat brush to base-coat the sign with snow white paint. Base-coat the cat with dove gray and the cat nose with shading flesh. Base-coat background under cat with buttermilk. Base-coat pumpkin with pumpkin paint and base-coat pumpkin eyes and mouth with ebony black. Base-coat pumpkin stem and leaves with mint julep. Allow to dry. Apply detail to pattern.

    Use watercolor paper and paints to start making the ornament that will adorn your Halloween wreath.
    Paint the larger areas of color first. You'll add details next.

  3. Contour pumpkin ridges by "floating" with red iron oxide. Float the dimensions of the pumpkin face with cadmium yellow. Float the stem and leaves with light avocado. Float the contours of the cat with ebony black and line the features with ebony black.

    Use a floating brush technique to add detail to your Halloween wreath's ornament.
    Carefully create fur on this Halloween kitty
    using black paint and careful brushing.

  4. Use liner brush to line pumpkin with ebony black. Paint "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" with ebony black and add dots. Paint vine with light avocado. Allow to dry. Spray with acrylic matte-finish spray.

    Use a liner brush to add the final touches and a Halloween message to your Halloween wreath.
    Finish the lettering and details with the tiniest of brushes.

  5. Wrap 3/4-inch-wide ribbon around wreath and tie in a decorative bow. Thread a 1/8x24-inch piece of ribbon through tie holes in the ornament so that the free ends are at the back. Tie the ornament to the wreath.

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