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Halloween Decorations

Magic Castle

Help guests suspend disbelief with a charming scene of Halloween decorations when throwing a Halloween party.
Help guests suspend disbelief
with a charming scene.

Ensure that guests suspend disbelief at the door by elevating their imaginations with a charming scene that suggests they're stepping into a mystical dream with these magical Halloween decorations.

Begin their walk into this enchanted kingdom by draping a row of purple streamers over the entryway. On one side -- the party room -- turn on a black light for guests who aren't afraid of the dark. Extend that ethereal feel by hanging stars wrapped in white paper or foil from the ceiling. (Under a black light, white-papered stars glow purple; silver shines in any light.)

Create a book of spells by picking up an old dictionary or encyclopedia from a thrift store and pasting two tea-stained pages to the open pages. Employ your most spidery handwriting to scratch out a spell or two, and leave the book open for the curious.

Pick up some black and silver balloons from the party store the day of the party. Have them filled halfway with helium and the other half with a mix of helium and air. Scatter these throughout the house for a cool levitating effect. Tape stained-glass cellophane onto your windows for a fun castle feel.

In the kitchen, black rules: A black tablecloth and black paper dishware are a nice start to a magical table. Hook eight black chenille stems through the edge of each guest's paper plate to create spider plates. Toss a handful of shiny sequins across the cloth, and in the center, create a crystal ball by stuffing an overturned fishbowl or round vase with silvery ribbon.

No bowl or vase? No problem. Cover a sport ball (a basketball or soccer ball works great) with foil, and set it in a small bowl to keep it from rolling.

Whenever spells are in the air, superstitions are, too. Keep kids on their toes by leaning a ladder against a wall (have adults keep watch so kids don't try to climb), and set out a stuffed toy or cardboard black cat so all the kids have to walk past it. Leave a spilled saltshaker on the kitchen table.

Have a few prizes ready for any kids who recognize the superstitious possibilities and avert misfortune! Help out little ones by setting a few spooky signs near the potential misstep, warning of the old wives' tales they're about to encounter. For example, next to a piece of tape laid across the carpet to resemble a crack, hang a sign that says, "Step on a crack, break your mother's back."

Scary, creepy, funny, mystical, or downright horrifying -- Halloween decorations can be any of these and more. Use the projects in the article to create your dream (or nightmare) Halloween scene. Or, let them inspire you to scare up your own one-of-a-kind Halloween decorations.

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