Scary Stories

Everyone loves a good mystery, even if it's not always easy to figure out -- in fact, this makes things even more intriguing. Some of the most compelling legends of our time -- the Loch Ness Monster, the story of Big Foot -- retain their power because they're mysterious, and just a little scary.

Whether it's for Halloween festivities or everyday fun, kids love scary stories. This collection of children's tales is the perfect way to introduce to young readers the fun of being scared silly. Kids can explore the world of the strange and mysterious through the eyes of young characters. And, at one narrative per page, these tales are a quick and entertaining way to fit a bedtime story into a busy day.


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In this article, you'll find classic scary stories from famous authors -- Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein -- as well as more contemporary tales, all especially adapted for reading aloud to children. Here's a preview:

Little Orphant Annie: This poem introduces readers to their storyteller, and sets the mood for the rest of the tales.

King of Cats: Read about a lazy black cat who knows more than he lets on.

The Mystery on the Sargasso: Find out the secret of the mysterious ship that rescues John Fields from a desert island.

The Bermuda Triangle: Learn about one of the strangest areas of the sea, where ships are said to disappear wthout a trace.

Yeti: Learn about the legendary "abominable snowmen" that are said to live on the peaks of Nepal.

The Monkey's Paw: Read about why getting your heart's desire isn't always such a good thing.

The Mummy: Find out about the curse of King Elysian, a ten-year-old pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

The Teeny-Tiny Woman: Learn about a little lady's big adventure.

Dracula's Secret: Read about the count of Transylvania and his dark secret.

The Red Ribbon: Find out why a young woman refuses to let anyone untie the ribbon around her neck.

Dr. Jeckyll's Diary: Check out this adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic story, where the good Dr. Jeckyll turns himself into his own opposite -- the evil Mr. Hyde.

The Loch Ness Monster: Learn about Nessie, the famous mythical creature of Scotland.

Night Coach: Find out what happens to Orange, a young man who tries to take the night coach into town.

The Selkie Child: Read about Morgan, the girl who came from the sea.

Interview With Dr. Frankenstein: Check out this adaptation of the classic Mary Shelley novella, where a scientist tries to create a man in his laboratory.

Big Foot: Learn about the strange creatures that have been spotted in the forests of North America.

The Banshee and O'Doud: Find out what happens when a skeptical reporter's investigation turns up more than he'd bargained for.

The Second Captain: Read about a mysterious message that saves a ship from ruin.

Ready to set the mood for scary stories? Meet our storyteller, Little Orphant Annie, in the next section.

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