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Tis the season… to learn all about Christmas traditions, build your gift list and pick up free printable sheet music for your favorite Christmas songs!

How Christmas Works

You've budgeted, scouted shopping malls and wrapped the last present, taking care to top it with just the right festive bow. But what do presents, three wise men and Jesus have to do with each other anyway?

Ridiculous History: When the Puritans Said 'Bah Humbug' to Christmas in America

Forget caroling, feasting and having any sort of fun at all on "Foolstide," the catchy but hateful nickname some Puritans gave Christmas in the New World.

Should We Rise Up Against the Elf on the Shelf?

Writer Robert Lamb wonders if the unblinking, judging eye of elfin surveillance is such a great idea.

9 Hideous Holiday Sweaters

Get your ugly holiday sweater fill in one go with these nine horrid knits.

'The Santa Myth': Childhood Fun or Dangerous Lie?

Experts and parents are divided on whether to encourage children's belief in Santa Claus.

10 Worst Things Ever to Happen at Christmas

You thought your drunk uncle was the worst part about Christmas? These tragedies, large and small, should put things in perspective.

5 Tips for Properly Storing Christmas Decorations

Make the set up and break down of Christmas decorations a breeze with these simple tips.

10 Myths About Christmas

Can't say "Xmas"? Sure, you can! Despite Christmas' popularity among Christians and non-Christians alike, little-known facts like this -- and even outright myths -- abound. Here are 10 enduring myths about the holiday, exposed at last.

The Krampus Gallery of Holiday Doom!

For many children, the holidays summon visions of sugarplums and fanatical devotion to a magical old man with a sack of gifts. But there's a dark side to yuletide traditions. Welcome to the domain of Krampus!

Christmas Tree Pictures

Is decorating a Christmas tree part of your annual holiday traditions?

5 Ways to Survive the Holidays With Your Family: A Movie Lover's Guide

The holidays are all about spending time with family: sharing meals, sharing moments and even sharing bedrooms in some dire cases. Who knew your holiday survival guide was in your favorite movie? Take some tips from Snoopy and Ralphie.