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The Pros and Cons of Pandemic Learning Pods

The coronavirus is forcing many parents to form at-home 'learning pods.' But who could potentially benefit from these and who could be left behind?

Why Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Racism Exercise Is So Powerful

Jane Elliott has been exposing racist thinking for more than 50 years through her ground-breaking exercise using eye color. Some think her methodology is too harsh. She couldn't care less.

Deaf, Blind and Determined: How Helen Keller Learned to Communicate

Deaf and blind from a fever as a baby, Helen Keller overcame her limitations to lead a life of inspiration and courage. How was she able to learn to communicate?

10 Famous Commencement Speeches

Fellow graduates, as you go forward and seize the day, we pause to consider some less-clichéd and far more memorable commencement speeches given over the years, including one that made graduates wealthier.

The Ethics (and Crime) of Plagiarism

Defining plagiarism is not always cut-and-paste easy. But it usually involves deliberately passing off somebody else's original expression or creative ideas as one's own.

Why Cramming Is the Worst Way to Study

Cramming for a test might help you pass, but it doesn't provide long-term learning and that's the problem.

Oxford Dictionaries' 2018 Word of the Year: Toxic

How does Oxford choose the Word of the Year and what, if anything, does it say about us?

World History: Where Should the Teaching Timeline Start?

The College Board wants AP World History courses to cover material from the year 1450 on. The rest, well, is history.

Vending Machines Bring Books and Learning to 'Book Deserts'

Free kids books that come out of a vending machine? Yes, please!

Dolly Parton Donates 100 Millionth Book

The country music superstar gave away her 100 millionth book and was honored by the U.S. Library of Congress.

There's No Such Thing as a 'Learning Style'

Think you're a visual learner? How about auditory? Sorry, that's preference; education is best tailored to the subject matter, not the student.

Widely Hated Comic Sans Might Be Lifesaver for People With Dyslexia

It might not be sophisticated, but some people with dyslexia say it's the only typeface they can read.

Teaching Typing May Be a Waste of Time

A new study pitted touch-typists against people using a hunt-and-peck style. Guess what they found.

Study: Grades Improve When Kids Learn Great Scientists Struggled Too

New research shows kids learn science best when we show them the failures and personal struggles that led to the astronomical successes.

What's the Right Age for Kids to Learn to Code?

A solid education should include computer science and tech literacy. Kids who code develop skills for a digital economy, and also attitudes needed to succeed elsewhere.

Beyond Books: Check Out the Weird Stuff You Can Check Out at America’s Libraries

From American Girl dolls to animal pelts to car repair tools, you may be surprised at the free stuff you can borrow from the library

Why do children play?

Whether it's tag, jumping rope or playing with dolls, kids in every part of the world, and in every generation, play. Philosophers and psychologists say they do it for more reasons than just having fun. But the future of play may be in jeopardy.

How TED Talks Work

TED talks are so popular, they've been spoofed in commercials, with speakers sporting wireless headphones against a black background. At 18 minutes each, how did these talks go viral?

What were the first distance learning courses?

Students have been taught via long distance for centuries, long before the birth of personal computers. Here's where the first distance learning courses began.

How many MOOC students finish their courses?

Seems like everybody in the world is signed up for a MOOC (massive open online course). But how many students actually finish their courses?

How do libraries work with ebooks?

Seems like lending out ebooks should be a relatively simple matter for most libraries. But often, it's not. What are the challenges ebooks pose for libraries?

Will MOOCs make college obsolete?

Massive open online courses are the hot, new way to educate the masses. Will MOOCs make college obsolete?

Can you get college credit for MOOC classes?

You have just finished that algebra MOOC from an Ivy League university. Awesome! But can you get college credit for your MOOC classes?

Does sleeping after learning make you smarter?

Want to ace that test? Skip the all-nighter and hit the sack to boost memory and learning.

How the Minerva Project Works

Education still mainly consists of an instructor talking to a group of students, the same as it's been for at least 1,000 years. But what if that model could be overturned for good? And we're not talking MOOCs but something much more personal.