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Sixth grade is one of the biggest changes kids can make -- for some, it even means transitioning from elementary school to middle school. What will you discover this year?

Not everyone learns at the same speed, and the jump from fifth to sixth grade is an especially big one. When should a student repeat the fifth grade?

Sixth grade is an important transitional year for many students, and if you're a parent, you want to help out however you can. What tools should you pass on to your child?

Third-grade homework is real work -- higher level math, book reports, even science experiments -- and it's reasonable to expect an 8-year-old might need some help. But when does help become counterproductive?

Eight-year-olds are grown-up enough to navigate the digital sphere, but not without your help. Safety on the Internet requires knowledge, practice and at least a little cynicism.

Just because second grade will be more traditionally academic doesn't mean summer learning has to be! What activities will help your child brush up on first-grade skills and prep for second?

By third grade, kids are coming into their own academically, reading and interpreting real stories, practicing complex math, and staging their own science experiments. What other amazing things can you expect this school year?

From real math and linear storytelling to empathy and respect for others, second grade builds on all the amazing discoveries from first. What else will your no-longer-little kid learn this year?

First grade, with all its new demands and responsibilities, can sometimes shake a kindergartener's academic confidence. So what can you do to make sure this first year of formal schooling is as fun and successful as it should be?

Welcome to official schooling! Sure, kindergarten was a big deal, but that's really just an introduction. In first grade, it's time to get down to business. What amazing things will your child learn this year?

Finding out the teacher thinks your child should be held back can be jarring. But it's not about how smart your kindergartener is; it's about whether he or she is ready for the jump to first grade.

The kindergarten experience can be one of the most exciting in your child's school career. It's basically the 5-year-old version of a college freshman year. What incredible things will your kindergartener learn?

Kindergarteners don't start school as blank slates. From color and number recognition to sharing and listening, certain skills will help your child from the day she walks in the door.

Parents want their kids to start school on the right foot -- a kindergarten experience can, after all, affect the rest of their school career. But when's the right time to start, and does it have more to do with age or ability?

Charter schools provide an appealing alternative to conventional public schools, but the concept has been mired in controversy since its inception. What's the truth about charter schools, anyway?

Battles between students and school administrators over constitutional rights have gone all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Do students lose their rights once they're on school property?

Preschool isn't mandatory, but toddlers can get a leg up on kindergarten classmates if they attend this preliminary educational institute. Beyond sing-alongs and story time, preschool teaches children invaluable social skills.

Private schools come with a lot of perks -- and hefty price tags. For a top-notch education with a hint of exclusivity, many people choose to enroll their children in private schools. But what sets these institutions apart from public schools?

This college image gallery offers a visual perspective of some of the important aspects of attending a university. Check out these college pictures.

There is an alternative to the local public school district --homeschooling, and about 3 percent of American families are part of the trend. Is homeschooling the best option for your family?

An online video service from Discovery, called Discovery Education streaming, is available for teachers to use in classrooms. So what is this service and how can teachers take advantage of it?

The teacher's voice fades, your pencil drops and your eyes close. Sound familiar? Classroom video conferencing is one teaching tool that could keep you awake. It might even get you excited about learning.

One of the top ten U.S. universities wants to give you an education -- for free. The only catch? You won't get a diploma.

About 50 million American children attend public school, with nearly $10,000 being spent on each student. Where do those dollars go, and what are some of the benefits and challenges facing public schools?

E-mail, instant messaging and the Internet have transformed college students' expectations. Learn how colleges are using new technology on campus.