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Are online degrees worth it?

Congratulations! You just graduated with an online degree. But will a degree earned online benefit you in the job market? Was all your hard work worth it?

Will MOOCs make college obsolete?

Massive open online courses are the hot, new way to educate the masses. Will MOOCs make college obsolete?

Do employers take online degrees seriously?

All the studying in the world may not be worth it career-wise. Learn if potential employers take online degrees seriously.

How do colleges get accredited?

When you start applying to various colleges, everyone says make sure the school is accredited. How do go about doing that?

How many Americans do their entire degrees remotely?

Seems like the Internet is allowing us to do almost everything from home or from wherever we are at the moment. So how many Americans do their degrees remotely?

Can you get college credit for MOOC classes?

You have just finished that algebra MOOC from an Ivy League university. Awesome! But can you get college credit for your MOOC classes?

Does sleeping after learning make you smarter?

Want to ace that test? Skip the all-nighter and hit the sack to boost memory and learning.

How the Minerva Project Works

Education still mainly consists of an instructor talking to a group of students, the same as it's been for at least 1,000 years. But what if that model could be overturned for good? And we're not talking MOOCs but something much more personal.

How to Stay Motivated When Your Class Has No Classroom

Staying awake in a college lecture is hard enough, but how about when you're at home watching the lecture on your computer, a few feet from your bed? That's the challenge of online learning. We have some tips to keep you on track.

How edX Works

In 2012, MIT and Harvard joined forces to create edX, a nonprofit offering free online college classes from some of the world's top universities. How does it make money?

Is cursive writing obsolete?

When's the last time you wrote a cursive capital Q? Instruction in penmanship has dropped as digital communication eclipses pen and paper. But could cursive skills mean more than pretty loops on a page?

How Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Work

Free college courses from top universities sounds fantastic. That's the premise of MOOCs – hundreds of thousands of people from around the world can sign up. Is this the future of college education or an interesting fad?

How the GED Test Works

Every year, 750,000 people in the U.S. take the branded battery of tests, hoping to earn the equivalent of a high school diploma.

How the NAEP Works

It's touted as a barometer of academic success, but some critics say the NAEP is prone to false readings. Here's a look at the "the nation's report card" and what it tells us about the state of American scholastics.

5 Incredible Things You’ll Learn in Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is one of the biggest changes kids can make -- for some, it even means transitioning from elementary school to middle school. What will you discover this year?

When is it right to repeat fifth grade before moving on to sixth?

Not everyone learns at the same speed, and the jump from fifth to sixth grade is an especially big one. When should a student repeat the fifth grade?

5 Ways You Can Help Your Child Succeed in Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is an important transitional year for many students, and if you're a parent, you want to help out however you can. What tools should you pass on to your child?

How much should you help with homework in third grade?

Third-grade homework is real work -- higher level math, book reports, even science experiments -- and it's reasonable to expect an 8-year-old might need some help. But when does help become counterproductive?

Internet Safety for Your Tech-Savvy Third-Grader

Eight-year-olds are grown-up enough to navigate the digital sphere, but not without your help. Safety on the Internet requires knowledge, practice and at least a little cynicism.

Fun Summer Activities to Prepare for Second Grade

Just because second grade will be more traditionally academic doesn't mean summer learning has to be! What activities will help your child brush up on first-grade skills and prep for second?

5 Incredible Things You'll Learn in Third Grade

By third grade, kids are coming into their own academically, reading and interpreting real stories, practicing complex math, and staging their own science experiments. What other amazing things can you expect this school year?

5 Incredible Things You'll Learn in Second Grade

From real math and linear storytelling to empathy and respect for others, second grade builds on all the amazing discoveries from first. What else will your no-longer-little kid learn this year?

5 Ways You Can Help Your Child Succeed in First Grade

First grade, with all its new demands and responsibilities, can sometimes shake a kindergartener's academic confidence. So what can you do to make sure this first year of formal schooling is as fun and successful as it should be?

5 Incredible Things You'll Learn in First Grade

Welcome to official schooling! Sure, kindergarten was a big deal, but that's really just an introduction. In first grade, it's time to get down to business. What amazing things will your child learn this year?

When is it a good idea to repeat kindergarten?

Finding out the teacher thinks your child should be held back can be jarring. But it's not about how smart your kindergartener is; it's about whether he or she is ready for the jump to first grade.