Kids Halloween Costumes

Pencil Costume

Hey -- that kid is sharp.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this larger-than-life kids' Halloween costume is ideal for a budding young scholar. For guaranteed giggles -- and an assurance that you'll have the sharpest trick-or-treater on the block -- gather just a few supplies (no sewing required) and create this simple but clever pencil kids' Halloween costume.

What You'll Need

  • 47x42-inch thin foam
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Spray paint: light brown, yellow
  • Heavy-duty aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • Permanent fabric adhesive
  • Permanent black marker
  • Roll adhesive hook-and-loop tape, 1 inch wide
  • Roll black elastic, 1 inch wide
  • White poster board
  • Acrylic paint: black, light tan
  • 1-inch flat paintbrush
  • White elastic, 1/4 inch wide


  1. Measure in 8 inches along 47-inch edge of foam. Spray-paint this area light brown for the eraser; spray-paint remaining area yellow.
  2. Cut a 47x6-inch piece of foil. Glue foil above eraser. Measure and with a black marker make horizontal lines 2 inches apart, starting at the bottom edge of the foil and ending at the top edge.
  3. With a black marker, draw vertical broken lines 4 inches apart across yellow portion of foam. Write "No. 2" vertically on the pencil (see photo).
  4. Cut a 6-inch length of hook-and-loop tape, and attach it to top of both sides of back of pencil (be sure tape matches up when closing pencil).
  5. To make armholes, lay pencil flat with closure in center back. Measure down 5 inches from top, and cut 7-inch-diameter semicircles on right and left sides of the pencil.
  6. Cut two 12-inch strips of black elastic and four 2-inch pieces of hook-and-loop tape. Put pencil on child and make marks on inside of foam approximately 4 inches below center of front and back of each shoulder. Stick hook-and-loop tape inside front and back of pencil over marks. Stick other side of hook-and-loop tape along end of elastic so pencil fits child well (trim elastic if needed).
  7. To make pencil tip, cut out a large circle from poster board. Cut out a pie-shaped piece from circle, and hold cut edges together to form a cone. Try cone on child's head, and trim if too big. Glue cut edges when the pencil tip hat is the correct size. Paint the tip black for pencil lead, and paint the remainder light tan. Cut a piece of white elastic to fit underneath the child's chin, and glue each end to the right and left insides of the hat.

If comedy seems to be your kid's calling, continue to the next section for a creative twist on a Halloween classic: the clown costume.

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