Kids Halloween Costumes

Gypsy Costume

This gypsy will steal your heart.

There have been gypsy Halloween costumes for almost as long as there have been gypsies, but they remain a fun and exotic kids' Halloween costume favorite. Even boys can hop on the gypsy bandwagon if you adapt this costume to have a more pirate-like flair. And, these easy outfits can be created on a gypsy's budget. Is that a tambourine I hear?

What You'll Need

  • 6 gold foil doilies with solid centers, 12 inches each
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape or glue stick
  • Tape measure
  • White felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Adhesive hook-and-loop tape
  • Brown paper (such as grocery bags)
  • Pencil
  • 2/3 yard burgundy felt, 45 inches wide
  • Straight pins
  • Fabric scissors
  • 4 yards gold rickrack
  • 21/2 yards patterned fabric
  • Iron, ironing board
  • Liquid fusible webbing
  • 11/2 yards cording
  • Gold cardstock
  • Clip-on earring backs
  • Accessories: lace scarf for head, black sash for waist, white long-sleeved T-shirt, black tights


  1. Cut doilies in half; cut away solid centers. For the jabot, you will need five doily halves. With first doily half, fold sides back so doily is about 6 inches wide, with gold side on top; adhere sides with double-sided tape or glue stick. For second doily half, fold sides back, with white side on top. Tape or glue as before. Keep repeating instructions until all 5 doily halves have been taped, alternating between gold and white sides.
  2. Tape first doily half to back of first, placing it 2 inches below top. Continue until all doily halves have been taped together. Measure around child's neck and add 4 inches. Cut a 2-inch strip of white felt this length. Glue top edge of doily jabot to middle of felt length. Add hook-and-loop tape to ends of strip to close around child's neck.
  3. For cuffs, layer three doily halves, placing each 1/2 inch below the last. Tape doilies together, and trim them so they fit around child's wrist. Make two. Cut two 2x8-inch strips of white felt. Glue straight edge of doilies to felt. Add hook-and-loop tape at ends of felt.
  4. Draw a vest pattern on brown paper; cut it out and be sure it fits child. Pin pattern on burgundy felt, and cut out. Glue shoulders together. Glue sides together. Glue gold rickrack along all edges.
  5. Fold over edge of patterned fabric 7/8 inch to form skirt waistband; iron flat. Working with a small area, apply liquid fusible webbing to edge of the folded fabric (be sure you keep the channel unglued). Press together, and iron to fuse following manufacturer's instructions. Thread cording through channel of waistband, gathering skirt as you go. Hem skirt with fusible webbing to desired length. Add hook-and-loop tape strips along side edges of skirt. Tie cording at side of waist, and close side with hook-and-loop tape.
  6. Cut two hoops from gold cardstock, and glue one to the front of each clip-on earring backing. Make them as large and fancy as you'd like!
  7. Tie a lace scarf (or a remnant of lacy material) around the child's head, and tie black lacy sash (or another remnant of lacy material) around child's waist to complete the costume. Haunted Hint Tie fun ribbons of many colors to a tambourine to complete the exotic gypsy look.

For a more contemporary twist on Halloween, give a nod to NASCAR and continue to the next page to outfit your little Dale or Danica in full racing style -- including a customized car to trick-or-treat in!

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