Kids Halloween Costumes

Pig Costume

How much candy can this little piggy eat?

Whether it's Babe or Wilbur or cute little pink pigs at the petting zoo that are your kids' favorite, they'll likely jump (and possibly squeal) at the chance to trick-or-treat as this beloved barnyard pal. With little more than a sweat suit and some scissors, you can create this no-sew kids' Halloween costume that's sure to bring home the blue ribbon.

What You'll Need

  • Pink sweatshirt and sweatpants
  • Heavyweight paper
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Black fabric paint
  • 1/2-inch flat paintbrush
  • Craft foam: pink, black
  • Scissors
  • Permanent black marker
  • Pink headband
  • Hot glue gun, glue sticks
  • 1/8-inch black elastic
  • Black or pink chenille stem
  • Safety pin
  • Duct tape
  • Optional: paper towel roll


  1. Wash and dry sweatshirt and sweatpants; do not use fabric softener. Write "Oink" on heavy paper in fun, thick lettering. Cut out inside of letters with a craft knife to create a stencil. Place stencil in several places on shirt and pants, and paint the letters black. Follow manufacturer's instructions to set the paint.
  2. Draw two ears on pink foam, and cut them out. Outline ears with black marker. Hot glue ears to headband.
  3. Draw four hooves on black foam, and cut them out. Poke two small holes on either side along top straight edge of each hoof. Tie an end of elastic through each hole, creating a bracelet-like attachment. Be sure elastic stretches easily yet fits snugly over child's wrists and feet before cutting elastic and tying a knot in the second hole.
  4. To curl tail, twist chenille stem around a marker. Poke the end of the stem through the back seam of the sweatpants, and pin it to the inside. Cover the pin with duct tape to protect the child.
  5. Optional: To make a snout, cut off a 2-inch piece from a paper towel roll. Cut a strip of pink foam to fit around the roll, and glue it in place. Cut a piece of black foam to cover the end of the roll, and glue it in place. Use a black marker to draw nostrils and outline the end of the snout. Make two small holes in either side of the snout. Cut elastic to fit around the child's head, and tie elastic ends in holes.

Sure, this pig costume is great, but if your kid is interested in something truly out of this world, keep clicking. On the next page you'll learn to make an easy space alien kids' Halloween costume, no space travel required.

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