Kids Halloween Costumes

Pretty as a Princess Costume

Your little trick-or-treater can be pretty as a princess in just a few easy steps.

These days feeling like a pretty princess is all the rage, so looking the part is likely to delight your little trick-or-treater. Follow these simple instructions -- and use your child's favorite fairy tales as your inspiration -- to create this no-sew Pretty as a Princess kids' Halloween costume.

What You'll Need

  • Long-sleeved white shirt
  • Assorted faux jewels
  • Fabric glue
  • Pink felt
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • 28 inches pink ribbon, 11/2 inches wide
  • Safety pin
  • 45 inches pink ribbon, 5/8 inch wide
  • Adhesive-back hook-and-loop tape
  • 11/2 yards light blue tulle
  • Waxed paper
  • 55 inches blue ribbon, 11/2 inches wide
  • 70 inches blue ribbon, 5/8 inch wide
  • Poster board
  • Pencil


  1. Glue jewels onto white shirt in a necklace pattern. Cut a 27-inch square from pink felt. Glue large jewels along bottom edge of felt.
  2. Fold in ends of 11/2-inch-wide pink ribbon 1/2 inch; glue in place. Lay ribbon along top edge of felt, 1/4 inch down from top. Glue edges of ribbon to felt, leaving center of ribbon unglued. Let dry.
  3. Fasten a safety pin to end of 5/8-inch-wide pink ribbon. Thread it through 1-inch-wide channel created by ribbon glued to felt.
  4. Cut and glue a 3-inch strip of hook-and-loop tape to inside and outside edges of felt to close back. Pull 5/8-inch-wide ribbon to gather skirt around child's waist; tie ribbon into a bow.
  5. Place tulle folded in half (as it comes from the bolt) on waxed paper. Glue small jewels to tulle. Affix blue ribbon to tulle as you did with pink ribbon and felt in step 2. Follow step 3 again to thread 5/8-inch-wide blue ribbon. Place tulle skirt over felt skirt. Pull ribbon to gather tulle around child's waist, then tie a bow in front.
  6. Draw and cut out a crown pattern from poster board. Trace crown onto pink felt; cut out. Glue felt to poster board, and glue jewels to crown. Cut a 3-inch piece of hook-and-loop tape, and adhere it to inside and outside edges of crown for fasteners.

Your pretty princess is now ready for any Halloween-themed ball that comes her way. And if your princess has a fondness for animals (and perhaps a little brother who would like to be a sheep), continue to the next page for easy-to-follow instructions on creating costumes for Little Bo Peep and a few of her woolly friends.

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