Kids Halloween Costumes

Angel and Devil Headbands

Angel or devil? Either way, the headgear is a snap.

Whether the Halloween party starts in 15 minutes or your kid feels a little shy about sporting a full-fledged costume, these easy to make kids' Halloween costumes require little more than a headband and some craft supplies. Or, if you happen to have a force of good or evil inhabiting your house, use these headbands as the starting point for a more elaborate angel or devil costume.

Heavenly Halos

What You'll Need

  • Lightweight silver gift ribbon
  • White, pink, or lavender chenille stem
  • Wire cutters (adult use only)
  • Inexpensive headband
  • 4-inch length of 20-gauge wire
  • Optional: additional ribbons


  1. Make a halo by entwining lightweight silver gift ribbon with a white, pink, or lavender chenille stem. Bend the two into a circle.
  2. Use wire cutters to attach the circle to an inexpensive headband by twisting a 4-inch length of 20-gauge wire around the headband and the halo.
  3. Add ribbon streamers, if you'd like, for an even more angelic look.

Prefer a slightly darker look? Try a devil's headband instead...

Devilishly Fun Headbands

What You'll Need

  • Red chenille stems
  • Funnel
  • Cool-temperature glue gun, glue sticks
  • Inexpensive headband


  1. Coil red chenille stems around the pointed end of the funnel to make the horns.
  2. Using the cool-temperature glue gun, attach the horns to an inexpensive headband.

Getting hooked on these fast ideas? Continue to the next page for step-by-step instructions to making even your fingernails bewitching this Halloween.

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