Kids Halloween Costumes

Owl Costume

Make this feathered costume without any sewing needed.

An excellent ensemble for budding scholars -- or just smarty-pants -- this wise old owl Halloween costume gives any kid who wears it a knowing look. For bird-lovers of other stripes (or baseball fans for that matter), check out the Haunted Hint below for tips on adapting this easy, no-sew kids' Halloween costume from an owl to the bird of your choice, be it a cardinal, oriole, or bluebird.


What You'll Need

  • Two 21/4-yard lengths of brown felt, 72 inches wide
  • Chalk or white fabric pencil
  • 1 yard string
  • Fabric scissors
  • Quick-drying fabric glue
  • 1 yard brown ribbon
  • Brown knit cap
  • Black or brown tights
  • White long-sleeved leotard


  1. Fold felt in half lengthwise. Tie an end of the string to the piece of chalk. Tie a knot 31/2 inches from the chalk. To make the cape's neckline, hold the knot at the folded corner, pull string taut, and draw a curve from fabric edge to fabric edge. For the bottom of the cape, make a knot in the string 32 inches from the chalk. Again, hold this knot at the same folded corner, and draw a curve as before. Cut on the top line, and on the bottom line, cut Vs along the edge for feathers.
  2. Fold the second piece of felt in half lengthwise. Use a 31/2-inch knot to make the neckline as you did with the first felt. Then make a knot at 6 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, and 32 inches from the chalk. Cut on all the lines, but cut Vs on the 32-inch line. Then, at the bottom of each piece, cut additional Vs. Beginning 6 inches up from the bottom of the cape, glue these felt layers onto the cape, overlapping each layer slightly. Cut the brown ribbon in half and glue it to the inside edges of the cape's neckline for ties.
  3. Cut two ears from brown felt scraps; make a small vertical slit in the bottom of each ear. Fold slit ends over each other, and glue together with fabric glue. Glue ears to the knit cap.
  4. Have child wear black or brown tights and a white leotard for the owl's body. Add round glasses with black frames for a wise look!

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