10 Misconceptions About Millennials

Always Job-Hopping
Lots of people job-hop when they're young and studies show millennials actually stay with their employees longer than members of Generation X did at the same age. NPHOTOS/moment/Getty Images

Millennials are widely viewed as job-hoppers for various reasons. One is that they're strictly out for themselves – they're not interested in being team players – so they'll grab hold of whatever deal is the best, even if it means switching jobs every year. Another theory says they've seen employers lay off their friends and relatives with no qualms, and assume they'll be treated the same. Thus, if their employer has no intention of being loyal to them, why should they consider being loyal to their employer? Interestingly, millennials aren't really job-hoppers at all.

When millennials leave a job, it's usually due to a lack of job advancement potential. If they felt there was the possibility of upward mobility in the company, one study showed millennials would stay in their job for five years [source: Hecht]. Other studies showed that overall, millennials are actually sticking with employers longer than Gen X workers did when they were the same age. They're also optimistic about finding a stable career; 80 percent of respondents in one survey said they felt they'd work at four companies max throughout their entire career [sources: Fallon, White House].