Doing Without

Besides food, many Jews forgo bathing, using body products such as makeup, deodorant and lotion, wearing leather shoes and sexual contact during Yom Kippur. Of course, exceptions are given whenever medically necessary. For example: Women who have recently given birth and children 9 and younger are forbidden to fast [source: Jewish Virtual Library].

Like many religions, fasting is an important part of Jewish tradition, most notably on Yom Kippur. By depriving the body of food on this day, Jews demonstrate repentance for the sins of the past year, which are then wiped away by God. The bride and groom often fast on their wedding day, because, as mentioned earlier, all their previous individual sins are forgiven when they become man and wife. Luckily, the fasting only lasts from dawn until the conclusion of the ceremony, so the hungry couple is free to feast on anything they like at the reception [source: Shulman].