Top 10 Protests That Saved TV Shows from Cancellation



The sci-fi series "Roswell" premiered in 1999 on the WB and ran for three tumultuous seasons before the network canceled the show. For much of that time, it was the devoted fan base that kept "Roswell" on the air through a series of campaigns and gimmicks.

The best-known campaign to keep "Roswell" on the air during the first two seasons was "Roswell is Hot!" Fans started an online petition and sent in letters and bottles of Tabasco sauce, a favorite of one of the show's characters, to show the WB that they supported their favorite show. The WB received over 3,000 bottles of the hot sauce, and network executives said that the campaign contributed to the show's survival.

In 2001, the WB dropped the show, but UPN picked it up for a third 22-episode season. The deal included buying rights to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and UPN hoped that airing "Roswell" after the popular "Buffy" would give the show a ratings boost. Unfortunately, ratings for the show remained low, and a Tabasco campaign couldn't save it for a fourth season. UPN canceled Roswell permanently in 2002.