Christmas Game: Find Christmas Carols

Find Christmas Gifts

Find the shoppers' precious presents in this Christmas game.
Find the shoppers' precious presents in this Christmas game.

Silver bells hurry the shoppers on their way, with arms and bags full of Christmas gifts. In this game, see if you can spot presents that will soon be under a Christmas tree.

To play, enlarge the image below and view it on the monitor. Or, download this free Christmas printable game as a PDF to play while listening to those ringing bells.

Silver bells, silver bells,

It’s Christmastime in the city . . . .

This big city is full of the sounds of Christmas. People are laughing, taxis are honking their horns, and above all the noise is the sound of silver bells. After you have found me, look for these “treasures” that shoppers are taking home.

Once you've found all the gifts, take another look at Silver Bells and try to find these things.

  • A set of separated triplets
  • Three taxicabs
  • Three traffic lights
  • Eight street lights
  • 27 silver bells
  • Six "Santa" stocking caps
  • 11 wreaths

Listen for the sound of hooves Up on the Housetop while working on our next game -- see if you can find the presents from Santa.

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