Inspirational Christmas Stories

children playing in snow
This collection of inspirational Christmas stories will remind you of what the Christmas season is all about: giving, love, and cheer. skeeg/Getty Images

Christmas. There's no other holiday quite like it. Christmas is a time for families to reunite and be grateful for all that they have.

This article brims with inspirational Christmas stories about giving, love, spirit, and cheer. Perhaps you've become jaded by Christmas as you've gotten older, or maybe you sometimes get overwhelmed by the shopping, wrapping, and busywork that accompany the holiday.


If this is the case, take a moment to read the following 11 inspirational Christmas stories. They'll warm your heart and encourage your own Christmas spirit.

Here's a snapshot of the stories we've included in our collection:

  • "A Slice of Life" This story, written by Carol McAdoo Rehme, is about orphans who receive tangy, sweet oranges for Christmas -- except for one brokenhearted lad who's left empty-handed. However, when his pals see how dejected he is, they lift his spirits with a special gift. Read this story and see what the gift is.
  • "Owed to Joy" Writer Ted A. Thompson tells the tale of a young girl who receives an unusual Christmas present from Santa: a bubble-maker. The child is eager to play with it, but the father isn't. Realizing he has broken his little girl's heart, he gets the bubble-maker going. Together, they find joy in making bubbles.
  • "O Holy Night" In this story by Elizabeth Toole, a family moves to a new town and is looking for a church to join. The family winds up becoming part of a new congregation that meets in a barn because its church hasn't been built yet. It is there that the family ultimately discovers the real meaning of Christmas.
  • "A Gift in the Trees" This story, by Cynthia J. Teixeira, begins with the words: "God shows His love for us in many ways." So how exactly does God show His love for the protagonist of the story, a 31-year-old woman who has yet to find the right man? Read this Christmas tale to learn the answer.
  • "Heaven and Angels Sing" In Carol Stigger's story, two boisterous children are attending a Christmas Eve church service with their parents and a grandparent. Much to the chagrin of the adults, the youngsters are their usual overactive selves during the service. In the end, though, the children bring happiness to everyone.
  • "Into the Wind" The wind in Wyoming can be bitter, writes Carol McAdoo Rehme. The wind seems particularly bitter for the story's protagonist, Grete Klein -- especially during a lonely Christmas season one year. Find out how that wind suddenly turns warm and blows Christmas cheer into Grete's life.
  • "The Christmas Angels" In Susan Fahncke's uplifting tale, a single mom is struggling to make ends meet. Just before Christmas, however, she is visited by two strangers bearing gifts. Read this story to find out how these two little angels make Christmas truly special for the single mother and her children.
  • "The Story of Silent Night" "Silent Night" is one of the most beloved Christmas songs. So how did it come to be? According to "The Story of Silent Night," written by Lisa Harkrader, two men -- Father Joseph Mohr and Franz Gruber -- wrote the song and performed it on the holiest night of the year, Christmas Eve. Over the years, of course, the song became synonymous with the holiday season. When you've finished reading this story, you can check out the actual song. Click here for the lyrics and sheet music for "Silent Night."
  • "The Story of Christmas Spiders" Ever wonder how silver tinsel on Christmas trees became a holiday tradition? Well, Stephanie Herbek provides her own answer in her wonderfully written story. Herbek's plot revolves around a poor widow and her eight children. The widow can't afford to give much to her family one Christmas, but some kindly spiders help make things right. Find out how.
  • "The Legend of the Poinsettia" You learned all about tinsel in "The Story of Christmas Spiders." This story, also written by Herbek, focuses on something else that is synonymous with Christmas: poinsettias. "The Legend of the Poinsettia" takes place in a tiny village in Mexico and depicts the exploits of two children, Maria and Pablo. They find a unique way to honor the birth of Jesus one Christmas Eve, and -- of course -- it involves poinsettias.
  • "The First Christmas" "The First Christmas" is as inspirational as a Christmas story can get. In fact, the story is made up of the passages from Luke 2:1-16. It tells of the birth of Jesus and contains such spiritual words as, "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." Read this story and rediscover why we celebrate Christmas.
  • "The Christmas Star" Can a single star really lead the way? Read "The Christmas Star" to find out how the brightest star in the sky led the way for so many to the infant Jesus.
  • "The Little Drummer Boy" Get ready to be inspired by a little boy and his drum. This classic and touching "The Little Drummer Boy," is a story about a young boy's love of song, Jesus, and his beloved drum.
  • "The Wishing Star"All Davey wants to do is see his big brother Josh on Christmas. Read "The Wishing Star" to learn how hope, love, and a shining star helped bring a little boy closer to someone he loved on Christmas Eve.
  • "The Little Match Girl" Sometimes if we wish hard enough, our dreams will come true. In "The Little Match Girl," find out how a little girl who always seemed to end up cold, hungry, and alone eventually finds her way to the perfect "home."
  • "The Littlest Angel"This delightful inspirational Christmas story tells the story of the tiniest angel in heaven and her journey. "The Littlest Angel" experiences many ups and downs that ultimately teach her to grow. This final story in our collection of Inspirational Christmas Stories will appeal to adults and children alike.