Christmas Trivia

Did you know that each nation has its own unique way of commemorating Christmas? Have you ever wondered why we send Christmas cards? Decorate an evergreen tree and give it a place of honor in our home? Smooch a sweetheart underneath a parasitic plant? Did you ever wonder how Santa delivers gifts to children all over the world in just one night?

Christmas trivia: guess this famous movie.
Can you guess this Christmas movie?

These questions and many more will be answered in this Christmas trivia article that’s chock full of interesting, entertaining, and fun facts! Here’s a preview:

  • Christmas Symbol Trivia
    What is the meaning of gold? Frankincense? In this section, find out the significance of these Christmas symbols as you test your Christmas symbol trivia knowledge.

  • Religious Christmas Trivia
    In this section, test your religious Christmas trivia knowledge and learn about the First Live Nativity Scene, the Birthplace of Jesus, and more.
  • Christmas Traditions Trivia
    Travel to any corner of the world and you’ll see how different Christmas traditions can be. Read this trivia article to learn the answers to your questions about Christmas traditions of the world. Expand your Christmas traditions trivia knowledge.
  • Santa Trivia
    If you think you know all there is to know about Santa Claus, think again! In this section sharpen your Santa trivia skills with facts about Santa's aliases, Santa’s favorite reads, and more.
  • Christmas Tree Trivia
    Where did this Christmas tree tradition come from? What is our great nation’s national Christmas tree? Find out answers to these questions and more as you increase your Christmas tree trivia knowledge in this section.
  • Christmas Song Trivia
    Did you know that carols can be traced back as early as 1350, but most of today’s Christmas carols were written during the 18th century? Go to this page to discover entertaining facts like this and more as you test your Christmas song trivia knowledge.
  • Christmas Entertainment Trivia
    Can you name five classic holiday movies? Theater productions? You can find out answers to these questions and more as you test your Christmas entertainment trivia knowledge with the quick facts in this section of our Christmas trivia article. Visit this page to learn more!
  • Christmas Food Trivia
    Besides Thanksgiving, Christmas is the only other time of the year where it’s perfectly fine for people around the world to overindulge. Why? There are just too many foods and desserts to choose from -- so why not eat them all? Visit this page to learn all about Christmas food as you test your Christmas food trivia knowledge.
  • Christmas Gift Trivia
    Gift giving at Christmas is a big attraction of the day for many American families. Where did this tradition originate? What are some classic holiday toys? Read this section to find out everything you wanted to know about Christmas gifts as you expand your Christmas gift trivia.
  • Christmas Trivia Quiz
    In the final section of our Christmas trivia article, we’ll let you in on a few more Christmas trivia fun facts. Learn more about Christmas with our Christmas trivia quiz and fun facts in this section.

In the next page of our Christmas trivia article, test your knowledge of the meaning behind the different Christmas symbols.

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