Christmas Game: Find Christmas Carols

View Enlarged Image Find the Christmas tree ornaments in this holiday game.

Find Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas trees, with their festive decorations, are full of holiday cheer. In this game, look for ornaments to decorate these lovely trees.

To play, enlarge the image below and view it on the monitor. Or, download this free Christmas printable game as a PDF to play while you decorate your own tree.

O Christmas tree,

O Christmas tree,

How lovely are your branches!

Now here’s a little town that means business when it is time to decorate Christmas trees! Can you find my favorite ornaments? I’ll give you a hint: The trees each match a store. After you’ve admired the decorations, see if you can find me!

Once you've found all the ornaments, try to find these funny things.
  • A sizzling skillet
  • A balloon stowaway
  • A moose on tiptoes
  • A plant with plenty of bite
  • A quartet of crooks
  • An avalanche
  • A chorus director in danger

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